Thursday, 28 February 2013

kaffyr: The OT3 together, before PotW (Jack and Nine and Rose)
Story: Hearts and Moons Recall the Truth
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Chapter: Nineteen
Previous Chapter: Eighteen
Characters: Jack/Nine/Rose
Rated: PG-13
Summary: A cold and beautiful world, a market, a bolt of silk, and three people walking through the doors of their memories.
Edited by: the undeniably magnificent 
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Author's Notes: In which a soldier contemplates her conscience, while Rose finds home again. Home, however, knows where it needs to be. I have almost despaired of providing regular updates to this story, but it does not mean the tale is not progressing. For those of you who wish to wait until it is done, I
 understand. And to everyone, my apologies.
Disclaimer: As much as I wish it were otherwise, no Whoniverse characters are mine. They are the sole properties of the BBC and their respective creators. I intend no copyright infringement and take no coin. I do, however, love them all, and thank the BBC for letting me play in its sandbox. 

Isobel Fahrar had taken the last of her pills. )


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