Saturday, 8 November 2014

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Hums "Happy Birthday to Many"

As I sit here, watiing to watch Doctor Who, and bemoaning the fact that I never did get my series 08 meta put together, I realize that I have left birthday wishes unsent for ... augh ... weeks. So let me send some out now.

First, to the talented artist [ profile] redscharlach, who had a birthday way back on Oct. 23. I hope your natal day was a good one, and that you have another year of enjoying fandom, and enriching it with the wonderful art and icons that you create.

Next, to [personal profile] cosmiccoz , who also had an Oct. 23 birthday. May this year be twice as good as last year, my dear; free of sadness, pain, eyestrain, grief and hardship. You are in my thoughts.

Thirdly, to the incomparable [personal profile] yamx , who celebrated on Oct. 26. I am so glad I know you here on Teh Intarwebz. Here's to a warm, talented, friendly, and thoughtful fellow fan, who has written stories I will never forget, and with whom I've shared laughs and excellent conversations!

Closer to the present, [ profile] viomisehunt, a lady I respect a great deal, celebrated on Oct. 31. She is a an excellent writer and a thoughtful person who has entertained me with her fiction, and opened my eyes and ears to new music, new writers, and a broader world. May you birthday have been a very good one, celebrated with people you love.

On Nov. 2 [ profile] don_fitch celebrated a birthday. Happy belated birthday wishes to someone who is gentle, observant, pithy, witty, and a gardener to boot.

Then, just a couple of days ago, on Nov. 5, the highly estimable [ profile] erikvolson celebrated a birthday. I raise a figurative glass of good beer in your direction, sir, and hope that we can see each other sometime in the coming year.

Finally, Happy, Happy Birthday to [ profile] cathica, a brilliant writer of both fic and professional fiction. She is also extremely kind and thoughtful, proof that  fandom contains some remarkably lovely people. I hope some day to meet you in person, and share some time with you. May your year be free of bears, and full of inspiration, good health, friendship and love!

kaffyr: Rory Williams Pond cries (Rory cries)
Doctor Who: Death in Heaven

My feelings, let me show you them. In pictures. Because.

I can't. Even.

More. Later.

Spoiler underneath. Beware.

AAAAAaaaaaaSpoilersss!!!!! )


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