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Sunday, 7 May 2017 07:09 pm
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Things What I Have Been Doing

1. Surviving work, although I swear it's been a close thing over the last couple of weeks. I find it interesting, in a sort of horror struck way, that days, and issues, and reportorial chores that I could once do in my sleep, I now can barely complete. My attention span has shrunk, like plastic in front of a heat gun. I find myself writing a sentence - one sentence, folks - and then wandering away from the computer, or switching to an online game, before wandering back and completing the next sentence. This is not how I should be operating, especially if I want to get through the next 40 or so months with a paycheque. 

2. Enjoying Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 with my Best Beloved on Friday. I suspected I'd enjoy it; when Manohla Dargis was forced to give her grudging "it didn't suck too much for A Non-Important Film" review, and when people I respect within the world of fandom liked it. I was right. It's actually better than the first movie, partly because the women get much more front and center (I keep being surprised at how tall Karen Gillan is. Damn.) and partly because it was about family (and it showed family, it didn't talk about family, at least not much.) It was gorgeous and slyly funny (the Sovereign? What every video-gaming group of teens thinks it's really like. *snrk*), and if it had a body count I could have done without, well ... it wasn't perfect. But it was just what I needed. 

3. Listening and watching lots of Peter Gabriel (hence my post from last night), even the stuff in Genesis, when he was a weedy art school mime fan wearing silly head-gear, because the man was a loony young genius, who then matured into a a sturdy, loving, dancing genius. 

4. Watched "Smile," which was ... well, it was Doctor Who, and I got to see Bill and the Doctor, and that covers a multitude of sins. Except I'm not sure I can forgive them for what got done to Rani's mum.  I liked "Thin Ice" better, although it's probably because I've always been a fan of heavy handedness. And tonight we watched "Knock, Knock," which I liked even better. Ah, Moff - you can't kill children, can you? 

5. And now? Now I'm going to make my bed and sleep in fresh sheets.

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