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Monday, 29 May 2017 03:53 pm
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Should I watch MoS and/or BvS before watching WW? (In my copious spare time.)
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Tumblr post (this is likely a reblog, and may have more pictures over there)
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Posted by Zeon Santos

Mister Rogers has been relegated to the realm of childhood and therefore his wise words are seen as nothing but advice for kids.

But Fred Rogers shared some very sage advice during his lifetime, and his words of wisdom are just as valuable for adults as they are for children.

In fact, adults may get more out of these Mr. Rogers quotes than kids will if only because they'll actually remember his words and take them to heart, knowing he's right about life, love and the power of imagination.

In these dark and confusing times it's nice to know the words of Fred Rogers will live on forever, but who is listening?

See 17 Quotes From Mister Rogers The World Really Needs Right Now here

Comic for May 29, 2017

Monday, 29 May 2017 11:59 pm
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to do

Monday, 29 May 2017 02:46 pm
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1. Linked In - update
2. Concert Ticket - purse
3. Salmon for dinner - lime, ginger, and shallot (check if still suitable for sashimi)
4. cut the pieces for the next hourglass blocks (slightly wonky, so will need to be larger size 5.5" or 6"
5. write 500 more words to sedoretu
6. read email about health program

Kid still shattered

Monday, 29 May 2017 12:52 am
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Did 75 or so minutes of walking around. 60 of them counted on my exercise ring on my watch. I suppose it's helping a bit to do all this blighted walking, in that while I was exhausted, my feet were not killing me. Or something. I dunno. I still get out of breath climbing the stairs -- but in the same ratio of "there are stairs from the laundry room in the basement, up to the second floor where the bedrooms are" exhaustion. (Reminder for UK: "second floor" is the one that's just above ground level. Ground level = First floor here.)

Talked about my worldbuilding for Copper Leaf Bargains with spouse a bit. I need to start re-reading it -- probably in the middle, because I know the beginning TOO WELL and it cannot hold me. I may need to read it backwards, chapter by chapter. (So last chapter, then one before that, then before that, etc.) And figure out what the various antagonists are doing.

Something to talk to spouse about besides politics, anyway. I wish politics would stop being dreadfully annoying, so I could think about my make-believe world and its politics, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.


Havva Quote
arcangel has been exercising and her mind is full of crossover Borg-in-Clone-Wars and she is now full of bad ideas.
arcangel says, “Like Borg Family Robinson.”
Maya hehs.
Maya says, “So do you tame a Romulan if you bite their ear?”
arcangel [to Maya]: Only if you do it right. O;>
Maya snickers.

(Explanation available upon request. Or, well, actually... here's the context:
Don't drink anything while you're reading UrsulaV's livetweet of reading Swiss Family Robinson. )

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Done last week (20170521Su - 27Sa)

Sunday, 28 May 2017 10:00 pm
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Big week. The sale of Rainbow's End (now "Rainbow's Ended"?) closed on Tuesday, after a marathon clean-up session. (The buyers had done a walk-through Monday evening, and called with a list of things that had to be cleaned up. If they weren't done by EOD Tuesday, they were going to hold up closing. Since the closing for our purchase was scheduled for Wednesday, that was a non-starter. Cleanup had to be done.)

First (realtor) Chris and I cleaned up the messes left by the movers who ghosted on us last week, the housekeeper, and me when I came by both Thursday and Sunday and simply ran out of spoons. I think some valuable things may have been hauled off by the guys from 1-800-GOT-JUNK, but I was pretty low on spoons at that point.

After that, (this is still Tuesday!) I met G at UHaul to rent a truck so that we could get his motorcycles out of the garage. Fortunately, our housekeeper (G', if you've been following the details of my notation) offered to store them at her house. We probably came within inches of dropping a bike, more than once.

After that, I came back to the house (no longer ours, since they did close on time) to pick up the hazardous materials we'd taken out of the garage, since GOT-JUNK doesn't do hazmat. I came around to the front after that, and took a blossom and a bud from the Royal Amethist rose. Then I sang "The Mary Ellen Carter" on the way home to keep from losing it.

Wednesday, the purchase of our new house on Whidbey Island closed. I also learned that 1. the household hazmat site on Aurora Avenue is closed on Wednesdays, and 2. latex paint is not considered hazardous, so they won't take it. I was, and still am, too short on emotional cope to react significantly to either event.

Thursday I bought cat litter for solidifying the paint. I was kind of out of it, and didn't do much except reading (see links).

Friday I found out that C had not gotten signed up for Medicare. Damnit, she was positive that she had; if I'd known we could have done it when we visited the office to deliver our marriage license. Weeks ago. Shit. I also took care of the nine cans of paint that actually had room for cat litter to be added.

Saturday I tried to get C signed up for Medicare, and failed. (I failed again today.) There's still a lot of other stuff I've been neglecting.

Meanwhile, I've been doing paperwork mostly connected with health care, utilities, you name it. If I'd been under any illusions that retiring was going to be less stressful than working, well, ... Maybe it gets better? Damned if I know. I've also been reading a lot, mostly math and computer science, probably because it gets me into a flow state where I'm not really aware of anything else. Not being aware of anything mostly sounds pretty good right now.

Oh, yeah; I ought to schedule an appointment with my therapist. Not that that's been doing any noticable good lately. I have difficulty imagining how it could do any good, which may be part of the problem. (That's not a new thing; except for learning about CBT and getting me on the first of a series of drugs that may or may not still be working it didn't do a whole lot for me back in California, either.)

And don't get me started on politics.

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Dream Journal (epic fragment)

Monday, 29 May 2017 12:20 am
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 Just woke from inclomplete dream in which I was somehow channelling a certain spider man. Not Peter Parker.
There was a lot of dream-plot that led up to this, and I can't recall it now. He liked gold makeup -- makeup generally-- and some particular perfume that in the manner of dreams happened to be to hand. I was wearing a skirt, but neither this nor the makeup appeared to make any difference in the subsequent series of events as to what gender (and I suspect, race) others perceived me as. I still don't know what the overall plan was, as I was just following along. I swaggered into a bar (we seemed to be near a university campus) where a young man asked me for a favour -- he was trying to catch the eye of a woman across the room. I sat down beside him as his slightly sleazy best friend wing man, and waved her over, saying someone had bought me a drink and it was now my obligation to keep the chain going. I introduced my man, asked her my name, didn't really give mine. She was on to me, or mostly, but it didn't matter as she was genuinely liking him, and they began chatting. Privately I knew I didn't have any cash on me, and briefly toyed with the idea of putting their drinks on the credit card another man further down the bar was being rather careless with; but I slipped out, figuring I'd done what he'd asked and he could cover the drinks himself. I continued walking, looking for a place to change. I fumbled the shades I'd been wearing and eventually put on a pair of my waking-life glasses, the serious squarish frames.  There's some sort of sloppy bit here where I was dodging in and out of stairwells trying to avoid someone I worried might recognize me, and then I was in some sort of hospital.
,Oh, are you the overnight attendant they sent for?" asked a woman behind a reception desk.  "The patient's just upstairs." 
"Third floor?"
"Yes, that's the one." As I got in the elevator I said to myself: "And now, I am going to steal a Kandinsky." I had no idea how, or why. In the elevator I felt my expression and stance turning dorky and sincere. My hair was short in the dream, but it was at this point I remembered I was in a skirt. I guessed no one in the bar had noticed because I was sitting down.The patient was a dying old man, of course. We talked. I forget about what. Then I went looking for a washroom and wandered into a sort of lounge, into which I was followed by a smiling man who said that this area was a sort of private club for staff and important donors only, so unless I was planning to join or give the hospital some money.... As I turned to exit I saw the Kandinsky on the wall. Except, this being a dream, it was a Grosz, or something very like. I left the private lounge and strutted around the corridors, getting quietly angry at the hospital. In the background I could hear the man and others beginning to phone their higher ups, worriedly confessing that they'd somehow insulted a member of the staff, a senior professor, by mistaking him for a dementia patient who'd wandered in. I was just wondering how, even as a miffed senior professor, I was going to parley this into being allowed to take home the Kandinsky/Grosz, when I woke up. I'm still not sure how the old man factored into this, although I'm beginning to suspect he, or his family, had once owned the painting. I'm still not sure if this was all still part of the scheme to get that guy and girl from the opening bar together. Anyway, I'm grateful and enough for what I can recall, and wary enough of my ability to still have even that in the morning, to get up and type this all down.

fiber monday

Sunday, 28 May 2017 09:32 pm
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Worked on what I can't quite call "the commemorative shawl" for short. (In March I said, "a shawl for myself which was begun a year and a half ago to commemorate my final solo project at the prior office.") Perhaps "ghost shawl." It has let the hurt finger recover; I haven't decided whether to try finishing it off, which'd be situationally apt, or to resume ___Sand cardigan, which I'd like to wear sooner than the shawl.

Stretching what's possible to imagine:
"Could I have that when it's done?"
"No, it's for me."
"Could you make me one like it, after this one?"
"This is complex enough that I may make you one when you finish high school."
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Posted by Amy Ratcliffe

The Old Gods in American Gods have roots in the past and in mythology. While we might know the ins and outs of the New Gods, like Media and Technical Boy, there’s probably a lot we can still learn about their predecessors. For those of you hoping to get a better understanding of these characters before you continue on with American Gods, we have you covered. Get to know the history that inspires the characters in our American Gods History Primer series.



Anansi, a.k.a. Ananse, a.k.a. Aunt Nancy, a.k.a. Mr. Nancy

In the Series


The second episode of American Gods introduced us to an Old God with fierce words and a stylish suit. He appeared in the hold of a slaver ship in a “Coming to America” story. One of the African slaves prayed to Anansi and asked for help, and he appeared. Anansi offered a unique brand of assistance. Rather than snapping his fingers and getting the slaves off the boat and to dry land–or whatever instant rescue action a god could perform in such a situation–he empowered them.

He didn’t make some fairy godmother bullshit magic: he dropped truth on the men shackled before him. He told them about the myriad injustices they would face in America. He wasn’t wrong. Though he listed horror after horror, he inspired hope in the slaves. He encouraged them to take their destinies into their own hands and take action. They climbed out of despair and let their rage fuel them and the fire that destroyed the ship. As Mr. Nancy/Anansi said, “Angry gets shit done.”

Their sacrifice also served to strengthen Mr. Nancy–who appeared as a man and one hella terrifying looking spider–and brought him to the shores of America. As with the other Old Gods, belief carried him across the ocean.

In Mythology

In the pages of lore, Anansi got his beginning in Africa as a folk tale character. Though he was depicted as a creator of the sun, moon, and stars and as the son of the sky god Nyame, Anansi became more well known as a trickster who brought stories to the world.

As a cunning trickster, Anansi has a reputation for being wise and articulate. We certainly saw the latter trait in American Gods. One story from back in the day, shared by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, features Anansi taking wisdom from various creatures through tricks and saving it for himself. When he thought the wisdom wasn’t any good, he threw the pot where he stored the wisdom in frustration, and thus scattered it to all humans in the world. A proverb from the Asante (a nation in the Ashanti Region of Ghana) goes, “No one goes to the house of the spider to teach it wisdom.”

Like in the TV series, the stories about Anansi, also known as the spider god, traveled from their origins in Africa to the Caribbean and America as slaves were transported across the waves. Oral tradition played a strong part in keeping Anansi’s spirit alive–I’d say it plays a role almost as important as that of belief. As with anything passed down verbally, the stories of Anansi changed over time. With his ability to trick others and defeat those he faced, Anansi became a symbol of sorts for rebellion and gave hope to those enslaved–which is fitting with his introduction in American Gods.

In Other Stories


If you’re interested in more of Mr. Nancy, you should read Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys. The novel isn’t a sequel to American Gods, but it does borrow Mr. Nancy for the story.

Images: Starz, Morrow, Tumblr/Sam

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Because [ profile] mylittleficlet asked and I felt inspired, here is another tiny installment in Edmund and Ginny Go to Harfang. :)

Written 5/28/17 for [ profile] mylittleficlet, in response to the [community profile] genprompt_bingo square trust. (200 words exactly)

Into the Rift

"Do you trust me!" Ginny shouted, her voice barely audible over the chaos of the battle though her mouth was barely a foot from Edmund's ear, her back pressed against his own as they retreated, sideways, toward the magical gateway in the heart of the underground city, a trail of bodies (hexed and injured, but hopefully not dying; no one should die fighting bespelled for a cause not their own) slumped groaning in their wake.

"I should think that was obvious by now!" Edmund shouted back, as he feinted sideways with his dagger (his shield long-since a casualty of one of the Earthmen's spears) and kicked aside the horned and feathered gnome whose halberd had come dangerously close to both of them; "What do you need me to do?"

Rather than answer, Ginny shouted something in the bastardized Latin she used for spells, and in the sudden pause as the earth shook and split with a great blast of heat and light, she turned to Edmund with a grin as wild and sharp as the scent rising from the chasm: fruit and flowers and iron molten in the forge.

"Jump!" she said, and pulled him with her over the edge.


End of Ficlet


You know, I am starting to doubt that they'll get to Harfang on time... (Especially given the next prompt and idea I have for this AU. *evil grin*)


Monday, 29 May 2017 01:00 am
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Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day for May 29, 2017 is:

skosh • \SKOHSH\  • noun

: a small amount : bit, smidgen


The barista sprinkled a skosh of fresh ginger onto the milky surface of the latte.

"… I learned that the Turbo S is livable as an everyday car, with a ride quality a skosh firmer than a standard 911." — Tom Voelk, The New York Times, 16 Sept. 2016

Did you know?

The word skosh comes from the Japanese word sukoshi, which is pronounced "skoh shee" and means "a tiny bit" or "a small amount." The Japanese word was shortened by U.S. servicemen stationed in Japan after World War II. Later, in the Korean War, a small soldier was often nicknamed Skosh. In civilian-speak, skosh can be used by itself as a noun (as in our first example sentence) or in the adverbial phrase "a skosh" (as in our second example).

SIFF hot take May 28, 2017 at 09:06PM

Monday, 29 May 2017 04:06 am
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Finding Kukan doc about Kukan, the first "best documentary feature" (1941), which is considered a lost film, and Li Ling Ai, credited as "technical advisor". the filmmaker makes a case for Li Ling Ai as the true producer. it's a nifty detective story and uses shadow play under some of the narrative, to great effect. Kukan itself was about the second Sino Japanese war and was remarkable for its color footage of the bombing of Nanking, shot at ground level. this doc was chock full of interesting stuff about the lives of Chinese-Americans in the 30s, plus great footage of the director presenting her research to a weeping audience in modern-day Chongquing. notable comment from Q&A: Kukan wasn't that old and its history has mostly been lost. five of the people interviewed in the film are dead as of this viewing. the director urged us to record our parents and grandparents while we can.

Back from con.

Sunday, 28 May 2017 11:55 pm
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Thanks to low traffic and a good bus driver, I got in almost an hour early, and got into my apartment at about the time the original ticket said I'd be back in Manhattan.

So tonight I go back to sleep in my own bed, and tomorrow I begin the process of a con write-up - and as promised, those Buffy/Vorkosigan crossover thoughts I've been teasing friends about.

Naruto Rendan – Week 12 Coda

Sunday, 28 May 2017 08:50 pm
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The Last – Naruto the Movie – Soundtrack CD
The Last – Naruto the Movie – Soundtrack CD

About a month ago I rewatched the “good parts” of The Last: Naruto the Movie. I noticed a slow, bittersweet version of the Naruto Main Theme. I’m a sucker for slow piano and slow instrumental versions of main themes, so I went ahead and ordered the Soundtrack CD from CD Japan. The music arrived last Monday, and I’ve added the special versions of the theme (there are four tracks) into my playlists in iTunes. More smiles.

Naruto Rendan – Week 3
Naruto Rendan – Week 5
Naruto Rendan – Week 7
Naruto Rendan – Week 8
Naruto Rendan – Week 10
Naruto Rendan – Week 10 Coda
Naruto Rendan – Week 11
Naruto Rendan – Week 12
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Posted by Eric Diaz

What makes the new Twin Peaks so darn weird? Read on and find out, but be warned – full on spoilers for both of these two episodes abound!

If episodes one and two of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s revival of Twin Peaks played towards Lynch’s more ominous, sinister side, then the following two chapters definitely brought back some of the whimsy and absurdist humor of the original show. Having said that, the opening sequence from Chapter 3 definitely falls into the classic Lynch surrealism category, and is creepy, dark and disturbing as all get out. And it tops our list of the seven most Lynchian moments from episodes 3 and 4.

 Cooper’s Escape From The Other Side

The opening twenty or so minutes of chapter three of Twin Peaks has to be some of the weirdest stuff David Lynch has ever produced for the screen, and that’s saying quite a lot. It makes the dancing dwarf dream sequence from the end of the third episode of the original series look like Teletubbies. We are in pure Eraserhead territory here with this one, guys.

This sequence starts with Agent Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) falling through space and into a strange metal building surrounded by a purple ocean. From there, we get an eyeless woman who communicates via strange clicking noises, Cooper and said woman standing on top of a metal box in space to get away from something that’s banging down the door, a moment where the floating head of Major Briggs floats by (using archival footage of the late Don S. Davis) and a cameo appearance by a backwards talking Ronette Pulaski (Phoebe Augustine), the victim who witnessed the murder of Laura Palmer. Ultimately, Cooper escapes this crazy dimension by travelling through a giant electrical socket. Because why not.

All of this happens while both Evil Cooper and Coop’s other doppelganger, the newly introduced Dougie Jones, resist the pull back to the Black Lodge by throwing up toxic cream corn everywhere. Seriously, it doesn’t get more out there, or more Lynchian, than this sequence.

Is It All About The Bunnies?

In a scene emphasizing Lynch’s penchant for absurdist humor, Deputy Chief Hawk (Michael Horse), per the cyptic instructions of the Log Lady in the previous episodes, lays out all the information they have on the missing Agent Dale Cooper by bringing out the case files from his stay in town over 25 years ago, when he was investigating the murder of Laura Palmer. Among the evidence from the Palmer case is a box of chocolate bunnies that belonged to Laura, which Agent Cooper comically referenced way back in the original pilot episode.

With one chocolate bunny missing, a hysterical and tearful Lucy (Kimmy Robertson) confesses that 25 years ago, she actually ate the evidence, because she read somewhere that chocolate is good for helping with having gas. Could the vital, missing clue from the old case files for finding Agent Cooper be all about the missing chocolate bunny?? Hawk knows that’s nonsense…unless maybe, it really is all about the bunny??

No, it’s not about the bunny.

Dr. Jacoby And The Golden Shovels

In the first episode of the new season, one of the first scenes is our reintroduction to Dr. Lawrence Jacoby (Russ Tamblyn), now living in a trailer in the woods, receiving a shipment of shovels, but for just what purpose we don’t know. Then, in episode 3, we see he’s built a rather complicated contraption that allows him to spray paint all these shovels at once the color gold. Why? Lynch isn’t telling us yet. Heck, we may never know. But these long moments of Jacoby spray painting shovels is pretty classic Lynch.

“Mr. Jackpots”

Agent Cooper, finally released from the Black Lodge into the real world after 25 years, winds up in a Las Vegas casino, of all places. He’s replaced his second doppelganger,  Dougie Jones, an overweight schmoe seemingly created by the evil Coop as a decoy. Cooper emerges from his 25 year exile a little worse for wear, with what looks from the outset to be brain damage. He wanders into the Casino, where he witnesses a man win the jackpot big and scream out “Helloooo!” as the coins poured out.

From there, he follows a small, floating window into the Black Lodge which hovers over every winning slot machine, resulting in the brain-addled Cooper cleaning out the casino and earning the name “Mr. Jackpots” from a decrepit old woman, who is straight from Wicked Witch central casting. And every time he wins a jackpot, he mimics the guy he saw win the first time, by screaming out “Helloooo,” and it never stops being funny.

Bobby Briggs Has An Emotional Moment

He wasn’t in the premiere episodes, but in episodes 3 and 4, we finally get our first glimpse of former bad boy/drug dealer Bobby Briggs, played once again by Dana Ashbrook….and he’s now a Sheriff’s Deputy! It may seem crazy at first, but then think back to all the jerks you knew in high school who grew up to be cops, and it makes sense.

In one scene, Bobby walks into the conference room, where Hawk has all the items from Dale Cooper’s time in Twin Peaks…including the famous photo of Laura Palmer, who happens to have been Bobby’s girlfriend. In a moment almost parodying the original series, Bobby wells up with tears at the sight of his beautiful, long-gone girlfriend, as “Laura Palmer’s Theme” swells.  It’s a wonderful homage to one of the tropes of the original show, and also purely Lynchian.

Wally Brando

Given that during the original series, the character of Lucy Moran was pregnant with Deputy Andy Brennan’s baby, we knew that said baby would now be 24 years old. Turns out, Lucy and Andy have a son named Wally Brando, named after Marlon Brando, with whom he shares a birthday. Wally Brando is played by Michael Cera, in a long, awkward and hilarious cameo.

It seems Wally takes his namesake very seriously, and appears to speak in a perpetual, terrible Brando impersonation, and dressed as his character in The Wild One. Some fans might hate this moment, which could be the only appearance of Wally Brando for all we know, but it is truly absurd,  comedic Lynch at his finest (and most awkward).

Dougie Jones’ Pancake Breakfast

Our seemingly brain-damaged Dale Cooper is now living the life of his “manufactured” doppelganger, Dougie Jones, which includes living in a suburban home with wife named Janey-E (Naomi Watts) and a pre-teen son named Sonny Jim (seriously, only Lynch could come up with these names). Despite the radical change in appearance from Dougie to Coop, his wife doesn’t seem to suspect this isn’t the same person she’s married to, but his kid seems to know there’s a new weirdo in the house.

When Coop comes to breakfast, while wearing a tie on top of his head, Sonny Jim introduces him to wonders of pancakes while the 1950s era jazz classic “Take Five” plays. Most importantly, Coop takes his first sip of hot black coffee in this episode. This is all extremely silly and charming in a purely Lynchian way. And who knows, maybe all Coop needed was good cup of joe to get him back to his normal self.

What were the weirdest parts of the new Twin Peaks for you? Be sure to let us know down below in the comments.

Images: CBS / Showtime

Naruto Rendan – Week 12

Sunday, 28 May 2017 08:35 pm
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Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki
Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Shippuden, Episode 479

(Alternate Post Name: Naruto Super Rendan)

Through last week – Week 11 – my running average had been 1 week = 1 broadcast year. This last week I did a quadruple barrage and finished the remaining 3 1/2 broadcast years. This was a binge watch to beat all binge watches. I doubt I’ll do anything like it ever again. But I had fun.

My previous post marked the completion of episode 330 of Naruto Shippuden. Today I finished episode 500. As usual, I skipped the filler episodes. Since the previous post I skipped episodes 347-361, 376-377, 388-390, 394-413, 416-417, 419, 422-423, 427-457, 460-462, 464-468, and 480-483 as per the Naruto Shippuden Filler List. The 427-457 chunk was a big one – 30 weeks – more than half a year by itself.

A lot happened during the Fourth Great Ninja War – most details of which I did not know in advance. The spoilers I knew going into the final 3 1/2 years – I knew who Tobi was… I knew who survived the war… and I knew the outcome of the final battle between Naruto and Sasuke. That’s it.

A couple of things I really liked… Naruto getting more time with Minato… and Sakura attaining the Strength of a Hundred seal.

In principle, the series ended with episode 479 – which covers most of the ground of the final manga chapter – Chapter 700. Episodes 480 - 500 were taken from three novels which are considered either filler or semi-canon. Most filler lists grant the viewing status as “optional.” I’ll say that the three arcs had a filler feel to them. However it was nice to get a take on how Sasuke could evolve on his journey of redemption. And Shikamaru is one of my favorites in the series. Plus the bits of Shikamaru x Temari and Sai x Ino warm my heart. The final arc – episodes 494-500 I’d watched when they were released. I did rewatch the good parts of all those episodes.

One nice touch coming down the final stretch… the studio reverted to using some of the Naruto music from the first two seasons. The music composed for Naruto Shippuden is largely unmemorable, and my ears perk up whenever the old Naruto music is used. Made me smile.

Overall – I liked the series a lot, and I’m glad that I saw all the canon episodes. I gave up on Bleach, and I’ve never been able to get into One Piece, although I’ve tried. For me, anyway, Naruto was the best of Shonen Jump’s Big 3.

Naruto Rendan – Week 3
Naruto Rendan – Week 5
Naruto Rendan – Week 7
Naruto Rendan – Week 8
Naruto Rendan – Week 10
Naruto Rendan – Week 10 Coda
Naruto Rendan – Week 11

Argh, movie showtimes!

Monday, 29 May 2017 12:34 am
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This afternoon I asked [ profile] scruloose if he'd feel up for seeing a movie on Tuesday night. (Side note: Tuesday is a bit of a pain because it's the night of his yoga class, but at least he pays for that on a punch-card/drop-in basis, so missing one doesn't mean being out the money for it. OTOH, Tuesday is the cheapest option for movie-going, and we're trying--haphazardly, so far--to spend less.) He thought that'd be okay.

I wanted to see GotG2 or maybe the new King Arthur ([ profile] ek_johnston tweeting about it as "Trash King Arthur" has been quite persuasive), but oh my GOSH, the showtime options are horrible if you want to avoid 3D. >.< Both of those movies, at all three theatre locations we use, offer reasonable evening showings in 3D but only offer 2D showings starting by 4 PM or after 9:30 PM. Not exactly useful on a worknight.

OTOH, Gifted is showing in 2D at a reasonable time that night at my preferred location (if we feel like getting a CarShare), and I did want to see that (I wavered for a bit, but after it opened, I think I was generally seeing positive word about it?), so maybe we'll still wind up Going To A Movie.

Meanwhile, at this point only the IMAX (etc.) 3D showtimes have been released for Wonder Woman, but I'm going to operate on the theory that there will be 2D showings Friday night, just...announced stupidly late in the game. (Okay, to be technical, I just saw that my least favorite of those theatre locations is listing a 3:45 PM 2D showing on Friday. I wouldn't call that helpful, but it's something.)

guess I was kinda harsh

Sunday, 28 May 2017 11:23 pm
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I realized my last post made it sound like I HATED La La Land but I didn't hate it. I gave it 3 stars on Letterboxd and even clicked the "Like" button LOL.

I keep talking about it like it was a misbehaving child - no, La La Land, I don't hate you, I'm not mad, I'm just...disappointed. I expected more from you.

I put on West Side Story this afternoon because I wanted some more dancing and singing and it was a rainy miserable day anyway so another two hours in front of the TV was inevitable.

The perfection was later when we watched Jimmy Fallon read hashtags and he made a reference to the Jets and Sylvia cracked up. I was like "you wouldn't have understood that joke if we hadn't watched the movie today!" LOL. I'm all about exposing that child to popular culture.

Also, it is really upsetting how relevant West Side Story still is. I mean, the lyrics to America could be from a musical written in 2017. Has anyone done a modern day restaging? Because they should.

Anyway, need to get to bed. Tomorrow is my cat's dental surgery so I need to wake up early to drop her off. Then hopefully we will have some fun with friends who have a campsite up in Gettysburg. Just visiting for the day. **crosses fingers that the rain clouds will float away overnight**

Weekly Check in May 28

Sunday, 28 May 2017 11:00 pm
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Reminder that we have a suggestion post if there’s a topic that you’d like to see discussed but would like to ask the mods to look into. This can be anything from general information, or a how-to-do-a-thing, or something you may want to discuss as a community. Folks are welcome to post directly to the comm as always, but if you’re not comfortable/don’t have spoons, we can help too.

Also if you need help with tags, PM [personal profile] redbird who is our tag guru. Both [personal profile] tanaqui and I are very grateful for the help.

Call your reps to end Conversion Therapy (i.e. torture) nationwide

Net Neutrality
John Oliver set up a redirect to the public comment page so it's easy to comment

Upcoming Dates
A WEEK MONDAY June 5: Applications due for Organizing for America Community Organizer training
NEXT FRIDAY June 3: March for Truth
June 6: Vigils for Refugees
June 11: LGBT+ March

Facebook Live video from Indivisible on many issues
Support the Guardian newspaper in the wake of the Guardian journalist assaulted by the Montana Representative. The Guardian does good work.
[personal profile] snickfic shares her experience canvassing for her local Democratic party (members only post)

Other Info
Sink Hole Forms in Front of Mar-A-Lago (WaPo)
Montana Republican candidate for House assualted a reporter then got elected anyway (though likely because of 2/3 mail in ballots had already been sent in)

How's everyone doing?
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called my rep
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attended a town hall
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Convicts in Australia hijacked the British ship the Cyprus in 1829. When they were eventually captured, William Swallow, leader of the pirates, and some of his men were put on trial. They gave an account of sailing to Japan in 1830, but no one believed them. Almost 200 years later, the story was considered a legend -until now. Nick Russell searched through 19th century Japanese writings and found and translated an account from samurai Makita Hamaguchi that confirms a Western ship showed up at Shikoku island on January 16, 1830.  

Hamaguchi wrote of sailors with “long pointed noses” who were not hostile, but asked in sign language for water and firewood. One had burst into tears and begun praying when an official rejected an earlier plea.

A skipper who looked 25 or 26 placed tobacco in “a suspicious looking object, sucked and then breathed out smoke”.

He had a “scarlet woollen coat” with “cuffs embroidered with gold thread and the buttons were silver-plated”, which was “a thing of great beauty, but as clothing it was gaudy”.

Hamaguchi’s watercolour sketch of the coat has what Russell said may be a telling detail on the sleeve: a bird that could be a swallow, the skipper’s own stamp on a British military officer’s jacket taken as a souvenir in the mutiny.

The skipper gave instructions to a crew that “in accordance with what appeared to be some mark of respect” followed orders to remove their hats “to the man, most of them revealing balding heads”.

They “exchanged words amongst themselves like birds twittering”.  

Japan was isolationist at the time, so a few days later, orders came down to repel the foreigners. After some cannon fire, the ship left. Read more of how the Japanese saw the strange foreign pirates at the Guardian. -via Metafilter

(Image credit: Courtesy of Tokushima prefectural archive)


Monday, 29 May 2017 01:58 am
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Keep getting 404 page when attempting to access demonoid. Any suggestions?

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It's all about bread and pirates

Sunday, 28 May 2017 10:33 pm
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1. Instead of getting on with my watch of The 100 season 4, I've actually started my rewatch of Black Sails from the beginning. I admit a little bit is because I'm still nervous about watching The 100 and with Black Sails I know how it all turns out. Also I've got a massive number of Black Sails vid ideas, so I've been ripping my dvds, so it follows that I need to rewatch before I start clipping.

What's really cool about it is seeing everyone as baby!pirates! I mean, everyone but Silver and Max are already seasoned pirates, but it's still cool to see. I'm following the plot of how the Ranger crew is involved and Max's role all much better this time around, and I've got to say it's delightful seeing Anne, Jack, and Charles together again.
spoilers for Ep 2 and season 4 finale )

2. In light of my new bread hobby, we started watching the Great British Bake Off on netflix, which has the 2014-16 seasons. You guys, it is SO GOOD! Everyone is nice, even the judges. They make beautiful food. We started the week with an episode a night, which turned into two episodes by Friday and then the last four tonight because it was down to the end. I just love it.

3. In my own baking adventures, I made bread on Friday in between I was teleworking (and yes, I got all my work done for the day.) I'm... not very happy with it. It was a repeat of the white bread from a sponge starter I've been working on, and I don't think the yeast in my starter is strong enough. I'm worried that I didn't feed it enough during the week it was developing because I couldn't get the bread to rise, or it was hard to tell if it rose, and I'm pretty sure on the second rise it didn't, it just spread out instead. On the plus side I was using bread flour, so I think that helped, and it tasted fine. It was just kind of flat.

I'm starting a new starter tonight, and tomorrow I might be making two batches - one with the new starter after is rises (and hopefully triples in size) oovernight and one with my old starter to compare. I feel bad throwing it out, but I'm just not sure about it. I also might make a direct method loaf bread because I know that one I can do.

4. In Farscape Friday Podcast, we're recording season 3 right now and I have ALL THE FARSCAPE FEELINGS! I love season 3 so much. We recorded Thanks For Sharing and Green Eyed Monster today and I am reminded of how excellent this show is at its best.


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