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Friday, 24 March 2017 05:31 pm
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I have been exhausted and headachy all day. I lay down from about 9:30 until about 11:30, but I didn’t manage to sleep. Right now, I’m drinking a cherry coke and sitting in bed with the lights very dim and a shoulder throw electric blanket (borrowed from Cordelia) on the back of my neck and across my shoulders. The prolonged, very focused heat is helping a lot. I think that I might actually be able to sleep now, but I would like to manage to stay awake and get things done.

Scott is currently out, taking Cordelia and her best friend off for their weekly gathering of friends. The movie of the week is Ponyo.

I think Scott’s disappointed that I wasn’t awake and doing things with him all day while Cordelia was at school and probably won’t be this evening while she’s out. We almost never get time alone in the house. Of course, from my point of view, Friday is the absolute worst day for anything requiring being able to think or being able to deal with noise or bright lights or… yeah.

I’m kind of terrified that this may be a long term thing and get worse next year due to Cordelia needing to get up before Scott leaves for work. Getting up with Cordelia wouldn’t be such a big deal if it was even occasionally feasible to nap later in the day or to go to bed at 8:00 or 9:00.

New Zealand 3: Stranded!

Saturday, 25 March 2017 09:40 am
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The last few days were somewhat more cloudy than our first few in New Zealand, but with treats like this one at Te Anau Lake, who cares?

Regenbogen ber Te Anau photo IMG_0883_zps1vczszxb.jpg

Though there was that time when a guy named Ben stranded me on an island in the Tasmanian Sea... )

"It's always an old guy in a rubber mask"

Friday, 24 March 2017 01:19 pm
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My gaming group is starting a new campaign using Mage. I had been thinking of a martial artist but someone else wants to play a wuxia character. Now I am thinking of maybe going in a Doctor Thirteen direction: a parapsychologist who has never investigated a claim of magic where it wasn't a fraud, even back in the days when it was him, his three friends and the talking dog tooling around in a crappy van.

I am thinking the two schools of magic he can do are Prime (specifically dispel magic) and Life (with a major in talking to animals).

If he was a teen in 1969, he's in his sixties now? But I see him as unusually well-preserved. All that running from "monsters" is excellent cardio.
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175x textless icons from Final Fantasy: Kingsglaive. Full movie, this is Batch B.


Rest of the icons here @ [personal profile] famira
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175x textless icons from Final Fantasy: Kingsglaive. Full movie, this is Batch B.


Rest of the icons here @ [personal profile] famira

Intrepid Investigator Starbuck

Friday, 24 March 2017 04:49 pm
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I love it when I’m researching a potential new donor and it turns out that not only do they have past felony convictions for financial crimes, they may have defrauded my own organization already. 

That’s what I call getting out ahead of the curve.

(Actually it’s kind of cool to be the one to uncover potential criminal malfeasance until I have to figure out who to report it to and probably give some kind of statement if it turns out to be true.) 

from Tumblr http://ift.tt/2nZvtDF

A good day

Friday, 24 March 2017 03:06 pm
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My Mum do genealogy, and I gave her a DNA test for her 70th birthday. Now the answer has arrived and yesterday she came over, as she felt she needed help to make sense of all the information. So now I know I belong to haplogroup H, and on my mother’s side I'm 100% European. To no big surprise she is 76% Scandinavian and 18% West/Central European. That should be all the Walloon ancestors who came to Sweden in the 17th century. But then there was 6% Finnish, which was a surprise. Mum’s theory is that comes from the Finnish soldiers Karl XI moved to the part of Sweden my Mum’s family comes from. Now I’m very tempted to purchase another kit and make my father do the test. There ought to be some East European and Jewish ancestry there.

This week I work sex days, so it was nice that my day off yesterday was so lovely. Though I’m not done with my sorting and decluttering, i have dones enough to really see a difference. Throughout March I have been consistent with doing 15 minutes of tidying every day, and you know what- it shows! Yesterday i woke up at 8, did the usual morning things and then did 15 minutes of tidying. Then I looked around to see if I need to do something more as my Mum, only to realise I didn’t need to do anything! I even had time to sew for 30 minutes before she arrived at 10. We had coffee, and checked the DNA analysis and chatted, and then I followed her to the bus station at 12.30 and then shopped. (I live a five minutes walk from the food store), and then had lunch. Took the dog’s on a long walk, sewed for another 30 minutes and then did pilates for another 30. Then I looked at the watch and realised it was only a little after 4 and I didn’t have anything to do until I was to start dinner at 6.

Such an odd sense of freedom! I’m so used to always feel I have a lot of household chores to do, but there was nothing! So I made myself a cup of tea and read until it was time to make dinner. After dinner husband and I spent some time together, and then I went to bed at 11.
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Icon post: 175x textless icons from Final Fantasy: Kingsglaive. This is BATCH A. Goes from movie start to after Nyx meets Lunafreya. Resource post.


175 textless icons here )

Rec: Gothic Romance by vvj5

Friday, 24 March 2017 02:44 am
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Story: Gothic Romance
Author: vvj5
Rating: teen
Word Count: 7513
Author's Summary: It is a fact universally acknowledged that any beings splintered in time will inevitably run into each other. No law says it has to end well, though…
Characters/Pairings: Clara Oswin Oswald, Scaroth
Warnings: none

Recced because: This is an entertaining and atmospheric short story that's part gothic novel parody, part heist fic, part timey-wimey sci-fi story, and combines characters from many different eras of Doctor Who in a very clever way. It's probably best read after you've seen 'City of Death' and know who Scaroth is, but the central concept of characters who are displaced in time and thrown together in unusual circumstances is probably easy for any Whovian to catch on to. You wouldn't think 'fake relationship' trope fic featuring a time-stream Clara & a classic Who monster could be so amusing, but you'd be wrong. With it's crisp dialogue, well-realized setting, and unexpected pathos toward the end, I could easily picture this making a very fine Big Finish audio. I thoroughly enjoyed this one the whole way through, and hope lots of others will too.

[ SECRET POST #3732 ]

Thursday, 23 March 2017 07:10 pm
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⌈ Secret Post #3732 ⌋

Warning: Some secrets are NOT worksafe and may contain SPOILERS.


More! )


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Wednesday & Thursday, 22nd & 23rd March, 2017

Thursday, 23 March 2017 09:24 pm
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Do you have a Doctor Who community or a journal that we are not currently linking to? Leave a note in the comments and we'll add you to the who_daily reading list.

EDITOR'S NOTE: who_daily will no longer link fanfiction that does not have a header. For an example of what a "good" fanfic header is, see the user info. Please note, the fic must have a header with the fic, not just in the link post, in order to be added to the newsletter. Thank you.

Off LJ News
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Verity!: Episode 131 – Steven, Leavin’
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Blogtor Who: US - The Pandorica Restaurant is a Whovian Dream
Whoogle News: Doctor Who Roundup on Monday, 21st March 2017

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Single Part/Completed
Altered History: The Runaway Bride by tkel_paris [Tenth Doctor, Donna | T

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Thursday, 23 March 2017 05:29 pm
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Tuesday evening, I added about 600 words to my Small Fandom Big Bang story while editing. I may end up adding more because there’s at least one bit left that I need to expand.

I had reflux issues last night when I went to bed. I’m pretty sure that they were largely anxiety related. Sadly, I didn’t twig to that until after I had taken antacids, so I had to wait to take an Ativan. Once I did, I was able to sleep, but I lost two or three hours, so I’m pretty wiped out. It also means I woke with a headache that took hours to get rid of. That took both Amerge and metapropronol (sp?).

At this point, I’m on the verge of falling asleep, and I’m not sure I can stay up long enough to get dinner. It’s only 5:30.

Well, isn't THAT special?

Thursday, 23 March 2017 04:47 pm
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Nothing quite like a "We want you to participate in programming!" email from a convention that fired you to make your day.

Yes, yes, I realize that they probably send one to everyone with a membership. Still.


Friday, 24 March 2017 04:36 am
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Severe Thunderstorm Warning for NSW. Severe storms may produce hail greater than 2cm, winds stronger than 90km/h & flash flooding


For people in parts of the Hunter, Central Tablelands, North West Slopes and Plains and Central West Slopes and Plains Forecast Districts.

Issued at 3:48 am Friday, 24 March 2017.

Severe thunderstorms are likely to produce heavy rainfall that may lead to flash flooding in the warning area over the next several hours. Locations which may be affected include Scone, Mudgee, Dubbo, Wellington, Merriwa, Murrurundi, Kandos, Gulgong, Quirindi, Dunedoo, Narromine and Peak Hill.


I hate rain, I hate the central tablelands, my apartment complex smells like a swamp, I hate everything

Icons! : Flowers!

Thursday, 23 March 2017 12:34 pm
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Hello all (: I have 41 flower icons available to the public. Please if you wish, comment to the one's you will be using (: Credit goes to [personal profile] 3y3.

Here are 5 examples:

Click the link for more flowery icons<3 ...Onto the flower icons... )

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Thursday, 23 March 2017 10:53 am
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I gave three books to Cordelia’s English/social studies teacher today. Two of them are hardcover books on the Presidents of the U.S. up through Obama. The eighth graders study U.S. history, so those are likely to be useful to have. I also gave her a library bound copy of Journey to Topaz which is a novel about the Japanese internment during WWII from the point of view of an eleven year old girl. The author based it on her own experiences, so there’s a lot of solid details to make the book feel real to kids. The eighth grade curriculum has a focus on 'genocide literature' and includes the internment under that umbrella.

All three books were in extremely good condition.

I’ve given several books to the librarian for evaluation as to whether or not they’re useful for the collection. The two Dork Diaries books are pretty likely to end up in the collection. The three Miss Bianca books are iffier. They’re pretty pristine hardcovers (book club editions from around 1990, I think), but I’m not sure if kids these days are interested. It’s hard to tell. Pretty books are more likely to circulate, and these are.

Anybody reading this have a child or know one who might be interested in a Backyardigans CD? I’ve got a copy of Born to Play that I’ve just finished listening to to make sure it plays. It sounds fine all the way through.

I’ve been testing Cordelia’s old CDs and seeing whether or not I can get the scratches out of the ones that won’t play. I’m only willing to trying grinding the scratches off twice because the thing we have is manually operated and kind of tiring to use. (We tried an electronic one once. It didn’t work well, died fast, and Scott lost the instructions.) Those that don’t become playable after that are going into the trash.

We’ve got about twenty empty CD jewel cases. None of us have any idea where those CDs could have gone. They’re not in the basement. They’re not in Cordelia’s room. They’re not with my CD collection or in any of the carrying books we’ve got. I can’t imagine that that many CDs are really lurking under couches (I’ve checked) or got thrown out accidentally, so I assume there’s a cache of some sort somewhere in the house. I’ve been keeping my eyes open for about three years, however, and haven’t found them yet. I’m getting tired of keeping the jewel cases, though, as they take up a lot of room.

Would it be terrible to just throw out the CDs Scott’s parents have made and given us of inspirational sermons? None of us have ever listened to any of them, and I don’t expect we ever will. I don’t know. Maybe Scott’s sister’s SIL might know someone who would want them. She works for a church of the same denomination as the one Scott’s parents attend. I was wanting to email her anyway to find out if there’s a place I can donate those cotton rag socks.

Via Kerk

Thursday, 23 March 2017 01:44 pm
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Night in a city that has licked its wounds
Two thousand years. And curls around its kits
Feeding and grooming heroes cowards wits
Lovers and killers. Always quiet sounds
As traffic purrs dim cat lights in the street.
Windows are dark in darkness curtains drawn
So many million. City I was born
In your warm heart my first breath to its beat
And hope to die according to your laws
Breathing your scented passioned poison air
Surrounds me chokes me black dust in my hair
I drink dark milk protected by your claws
Gog Magog Bran and dragons in the stone
You gave me all the words I write breathe own.

Roz Kaveney x
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Hi, I'm [personal profile] newmoonstar (Meadowlark on Teaspoon) and I'm finally squeaking in before my reccing period is over with a few great stories for you all! First up:

Story: Genius Loci (The Evidence of Things Unseen Remix)
Author: AstroGirl
Rating: all ages
Word Count: 685
Characters: Leela, Fourth Doctor, the TARDIS
Author's Summary: Leela does not believe in spirits. But she knows there is something here with them.
Warnings: none

Recced because: It's an interesting look at how Leela views the TARDIS, and how her supposedly primitive upbringing none the less gave her the ability to understand and connect with it without the Doctor having to explain it to her. A very lovely and insightful vignette.


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