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Monday, 15 May 2017 06:43 pm
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Today Has Been a Difficult Day for Me

For various reasons that are pretty much all work-related, today found me weeping at my desk. Only for a short time, and I'm back in control now, but my spirit still feel a little leaden. 

Rather than dwell on that, or write something that sounds like a plea for sympathy, what I would love to hear from all of you out there: 
  • Something really nice that happened to you today.
  • Something funny that happened to you.
  • A lovely picture you saw that you could describe to me, or that you have and could share with me now.
  • A song or piece of music that lifted your spirits recently, and that you think I might like.
  • A joke. 
  • Cats, pictures or gifs thereof. Those always rock.
  • A gif that might make me snort with laughter. 
  • Any reminder of good things in the world, human or otherwise. 

Thank you all - and I'll try to do the same thing for any of you when I'm less of a fucking wet-blanket. 
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2016, The Year That Was a Troll

2016 should have been fired about two weeks after it arrived. Unfortunately, it hung around, like that one guy at the party who manages to insult your parents, alienate your best friend, spill red wine on your best white shirt and possibly absquatulate with one or two pieces of heirloom silverware. Bad cess to 2016, then. And possibly bad cess to its younger brother, who is already looking to be the kind of unfortunate dudebro one hopes one's son won't emulate. I do not hold out much hope, I confess.

On the other hand, hope, like that pixilated aunt you adore even as you know you should worry about her, springs eternal. In fact, she refuses to give up springing, jumping, leaping, pogoing, and otherwise acting in a completely unbecoming fashion, while motioning you to join her on the dance floor. I suppose just one sproing couldn't hurt ....

Meanwhile, there are all of you out there, my friends and acquaintances, all of you eminently worthy individuals, each of you having added something positive to my life. I will, at least temporarily, hang onto my pixilated aunt as she pogos around the room, and wish you all the very, very best 2017. You are in my heart, each of you, and you have provided much of what joy 2016 offered me. 

So - wanna join me and Hope on the dance floor?

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 I Took My Own Advice

I'm taking the rest of this week, and all of next week off. My current boss, and my uber-boss both OK'd the time off. 

I have sent emails to my internist and rheumatologist; my internist responded and said she's available all week; I'll try to get in to see her Friday. 

Bob negotiated a deal with the water heater guys. They're putting in an extra heater, and eating the labor costs; down side is it will cost more, and I have to impress on my treasurer that it's up to him to find the extra money. The water heater guys are also not going to expect full payment upon completion, which is good. ETA at this point is Thursday.

With regard to that last, the truly important thing in my mind is that I handed off the informational emails to the treasurer. He's handling that tonight and tomorrow. Good. Let him deal with the anger. I've let him know I'm on medical leave, which is essentially what I'm on, even though it's currently set as unpaid leave. (I think I've explained the stupidity of us having to take unpaid leave for the first year of our being Tribune employees, with a bunch of money equal to that unpaid leave having been paid out to us by the Sun-Times. It's going to be touch and go for me, since I had to loan out some of that money to First Born to cover an emergency of his last month, but we'll handle it. Plus, yeah, going to get money back from the association, you damn betcha.)

Wow. Digress much, 
[personal profile] kaffyr 

Anyhow, tl;dr - I'm off, I'll see my doctor before the end of the week, I'll help BB deal with his asshole doc tomorrow, we ... may ... have hot water Thursday (yeah, sure....) and I'm going to pay attention to my own health. 

And now, I'm going to bed. The back may have eased up enough to let me sleep without quite as many painkillers. 

Thanks, everyone, for your support. It has really meant a lot to me. 


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