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Saturday, 22 August 2015 10:45 am
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Master Fic List

Doctor Who

Single Chapter Stories

Third Doctor
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Fourth Doctor
Cooking with Gallifreyans  (LJ)

Ninth Doctor
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Tenth Doctor
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Eleventh Doctor
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Twelfth Doctor

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Sarah Jane Adventures
A Light in the Dark  (LJ)
Carbon, Earth and Stardust  (LJ)

Triptych  (LJ)
Going Out With the Tide  (LJ)

Multi-Chapter Stories 
Walk Out With Me to the Unknown Region

Sapphire and Steel

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Marvel Cinematic Universe

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The Goblin Emperor

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Saturday, 29 August 2015 04:57 pm
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Multi- Chapter Stories

Most links to my multi-chapter stories will be to their Dreamwidth posts; links to stories prior to 2012 may go both to LJ and DW. Each multi-chapter Whoniverse story is also available at my Teaspoon and AO3 accounts. 

Doctor Who
Walk Out With Me to the Unknown Region
Hearts and Moons Recall the Truth
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Sea Bound Hearts
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Redeeming the Tree
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How to Use Google Drive as a 3rd Party Image Hosting Platform

So back when the horrid surprise of Photobucket’s greedapalooza was still fresh, a lot of people were looking for third party hosting alternatives. Someone out there had a really helpful list of potentials, but for various reasons, none of them suited me. I wondered whether I could make use of Google Photos as a third party platform.

As it happened, I couldn’t. Google had very recently ended its image hosting capabilities — unfortunate timing, that — but I did some poking about and found that there’s a work-around that lets you still use Google Drive as a third party platform. At least one person (hi, 
[personal profile] azriona !) was interested, so this is my attempt to tell people how to use this process.

I’m including a link to the YouTube video that taught me how to do this, which you might prefer to following my step-by-step. Here 'tis: https://youtu.be/zhwYRPImH9E. 

Preliminaries ) 
So you have your Google account and you’re ready to start.
  1. Choose an image to upload, possibly from your own newly-created “Fuck Photobucket” file on your hard drive. Upload it to Google Drive. If you’re using Chrome, you’ll do it thusly (and if you’re using Firefox, Safari, or whatever, it will probably be fairly similar.) Click on Google Drive. Once you’re in drive, click on New, which is near the top left. You should get a drop down menu that includes “File Upload.” Hit it, and pretty soon your picture will appear in your drive. I put all my uploaded pics in one Drive folder for ease of access, along with my Permalinks record, so everything’s in the same place.
  2. Now you want to adjust the picture’s “share” settings, so that it’s “Public on the Web.” How to do that? Your trusty right click button. Don’t open the picture; just right click on the thumbnail/description in the Drive list. When you do, you’ll see a bunch of options.
  3. Open the “Share” option. A window should open up. Pay attention only to “Advanced.” Click “Advanced.”
  4. You’ll get a different window. Look for “Who Has Access.” It will probably be set at “Private — Only You Can Access.” You’ll want to change that, so hit “Change.”
  5. You’ll get three options. The one you want is “On — Public on the Web.” Make sure that button is the one you hit, then hit “Save.”
  6. You’ll then have a “Link to Share.” Copy that sucker, and head on over to gdurl.com.
  7. The very first thing you’ll see once you go to that site is a spot that says “Paste a Public Google Drive URL etc.” Put your URL there, and hit “Create Permalink.” Go down a little farther on the page, and there, under “Standard URL” you will have your shiny new permalink. Copy that permalink, along with a description of what the pic/image is, to whatever document you’ll be using to keep the information.
  8. Voila! You now have the code you need to embed your photo wherever you want to embed it! (If we’re talking LJ or Dreamwidth, you’ll have be able to insert it via the "insert/edit image" or "insert photo" icons. I do it in the rich text format.)  And, because you’ve saved the permalink and a description in a file somewhere, you can use the same code again and again!

After the fact stuff )
So there you have my extremely wordy how-to. I hope it might be of help to someone.
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Quiche In the Oven

The crust is awful and patchwork, because I can't roll out a crust to save my soul, especially when it's recently thawed pie dough, but the quiche itself is going to be pretty decent, I think. And I managed to clean up the kitchen (more or less; I'm going to get BB to clean the frying pan in which I tried the bacon), and I'll be setting the table soon. This is all good. especially since I spent a lot of the day driving to get groceries, or laying low because of a headache that seems to want to become something more. 

Poor BB is fighting some ailment of his own, and I very much hope to at least cosset him with dinner. And then, I'll settle down with a new drink I learned how to make yesterday; gin in a martini glass that's been coated with four dashes of bitters. Last night I made it with orange bitters, although it's supposed to be made with angostura. Tonight, I'm going to try two mini-drinks, one with the proper recipe and one with the orange bitters, to see which I think is better. 

I had one of my acrylic nails peel off today. It's the first time that has ever happened, and my finger looks naked without a nail. I'm calling the nail salon tomorrow (they're open on Sundays) to see if I can get in. 

Also in the "First World Pampering" category, we've made an appointment with a new groomer for Vincent. He doesn't know it yet. but he's going to get a bath, de-matted properly, and be gifted with at least a modified lion cut to prevent more matting. I'm sure he'll be very excited. 

Yesterday, there was a mass shooting in Aurora, IL, not far from Chicago. A man who'd just been fired from his job, and who had a history of violence, domestic and otherwise, who'd had his FOID card revoked, but who still had a gun, left the building and came back and killed five people. He's dead. too. Six sets of parents and kids, six mothers, sisters, wives. all with gaping. bleeding holes in their souls. Because someone had easy access to guns. Another day in America. 

Fuck the NRA and fuck the culture it has nurtured.
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What We Did on Valentine's Day

1. Took an extremely constipated ginger cat to the vet. 
2. Cleaned the carpet, bed, blankets, etc. to the best of our ability thereafter (because constipation in cats comes with liquid matter that squirts out around the blockage as kitty attempts to expel it and yes that is indeed TMI, but hey, you've read this far and we're past it.)
3. Did three smallish but smelly loads of laundry as part of the cleanup. 
4. Cleaned another section of rug that I discovered our other cat had, sometime in the past two weeks, used at least once, as a secondary litter box. Two applications of baking soda and vacuuming have made it better. Unfortunately, the location included some extremely important audio/visual wiring. I'm amazed none of it went out. The wiring has been very carefully wiped down with Lysol. Fortunately, the area hasn't been used as a loo recently, so I assume it got used prior to our installation of the new litter-loo. Go, us.
5. Ruminated unhappily on our vet's comment that changing dry food to wet probably wouldn't help minimize constipation and its concomitant problems, because cats who eat wet food drink less, which defeats the purpose of switching the food types. Sigh. 
6. Fought headaches all day. 
Made our bed up with fresh linens
8. Had some whisky
9. Loved the fact that BB and I got through this and were able to make jokes occasionally. Go, team kaffyrbb!

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Title: Floral Makeup and Other Follies
[personal profile] kaffyr 
Fandom: Dr. Who
Characters: the Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory Williams, River Song
Words: 2,063
Summary: As floral arrangements went, it was rather too large, and altogether too carnivorous. A good thing, then, that their scantily-clad offspring was there with one of her more dangerous cosmetic items, to help Amy and Rory save the Doctor.
Author's Note: This was written for 
[personal profile] juliet316 , during the 2018 [community profile] fandom_stocking  fun. Like me, she likes the Eleventh Doctor and River Song, as well as River's parents and the Doctor's in-laws.
Language note: I indulged in my bad habit of deciding to attach languages to my imaginary human-settled Whoniverse worlds. This time it’s Greek, which I have butchered thusly; Louloudi-Thirio means, roughly, Flower-Beast. I’m sorry.
Edited by: My beloved [livejournal.com profile] dr_whuh
Disclaimer: As much as I wish it were otherwise, nothing in the Whoniverse, save the occasional original character is mind. All others belong to the BBC and their respective creators. I intend no copyright infringement and take no coin. I merely love them, and thank the BBC for letting me play in its sandbox.

***   ***   ***  
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So Many Winter Birthdays

A delayed Happy Birthday wish to 
[personal profile] dewline , a fellow Canadian, someone who lives in my birth city, and also someone whose birthday was January 30. He posts thoughtfully about social and political issues in The True North and elsewhere, and is also a dab hand at providing links to interesting things. I hope your natal celebration was all you wanted it to be.

And hurrah, I can wish two folks some birthday happiness on the right day:

[personal profile] amberfocus , a prolific and gifted fic-writer, shares my love of the Ninth Doctor, Rose, and Jack Harkness, and she writes them well. She's a disciplined creator of words, which is even more impressive when you consider that she's also a major gardener who takes care of her family with devotion. Happy Birthday!

Finally, the great giraffe-opponent 
[personal profile] pitry , whose opposition to those long-necked deer doesn't make her a bad person. She's a fearless member of Academia, a lover of Torchwood (hurrah!), and has been a fellow Dr. Who fan for quite some time. I always enjoy seeing her posts, as infrequent as they currently are. I hope today was a great day for you!
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Waiting For the Plumber or Someone Like Him. Oh, and Advanced Policy-Wonking

I'm actually waiting for an actual plumber, who's set to come between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. to evaluated our leaking garbage disposal unit and determine whether it can be reset in place to eliminate the leak, which would be the case if it had somehow been jarred loose enough to create an opening at the top for water, or whether there's an actual un-repairable physical crack or hole near the top. The guy said he'd bring a new disposal unit "just in case," so BB and I are set to question him sharply in an effort not to be talked into a new unit that we don't need. Wish us luck. 

I have actually tackled something that I've been avoiding for some three weeks; writing up a draft report on recommendations for possible changes to the Chicago News Guild bylaws. We got a start on that, as I said, three weeks ago, when I and another Guild member appointed to the task got together an did a rather rudimentary review of our existing bylaws.

The true wonkishneth begins hereunder )
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Title: Ulishenathaän
[personal profile] kaffyr 
Fandom: The Goblin Emperor
Characters: Maia Drazhar, Chenelo Drazharan, Csevet Aisava, Cala Athmaza, Deret Beshelar, original character
Words: 3,394
Summary: His father, Setheris, the Untheileneise Court; everyone had endeavored to erase his mother. They did not succeed. Edrihasavar gains a token of Cheleno Drazharin, Ethuverasid Zhasan.
Author's note: Written for
 [personal profile] hamsterwoman  for [community profile] fandom_stocking  2018; I have taken the liberty of inventing an elven and goblin tradition, in which the death of anyone — including the emperor — is followed, if possible, by the shutting up of their private room or rooms for a period of time, no less than six months and no more than 12, to be followed by the disposal and dispersal of the belongings inside.
Linguistic note: Ulishenathaän is the word used to describe a token of the dead.
Edited by: my beloved
[livejournal.com profile] dr_whuh.
Disclaimer All characters are the sole property of Sarah Monette; in her guise as Katherine Addison. I pretend no copyright, and take no coin.

***   ***   ***   

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Title: The Pillars of Creation
Author: [personal profile] kaffyr 
Fandom: Dr. Who
Characters: The Thirteenth Doctor, Yasmin Khan, Ryan Sinclair
Words: 1,792
Summary: They didn’t hold up the cosmos, of course, but Yaz thought they were a sign that the universe was good. She and the Thirteenth Doctor share some time, and thoughts about traditions of mystic beauty.
Author's Note: This was written, with affection, for 
[personal profile] muccamukk , during the 2018 [community profile] fandom_stocking  fun. She was interested in the Thirteenth Doctor and her companions, especially Yasmin Khan. I hope she likes this. NOTE: In deciding to imagine a facet of Yaz’s faith, I tried to tread carefully, and with respect, largely by keeping my comments as general as possible, while still referencing the tradition — which is not, as  I understand it, a separate strain of the faith, but a practice and understanding of the faith that supersedes labels such as Sunni or Shia — known variously as Sufism or Tasawwuf. To any of my Whoniverse fans who are of the Muslim faith, please accept my apologies for any inaccuracies, or comments that lack that respect, and don’t hesitate to let me know;  I’ll do my best to remedy those.
Edited by: my beloved [livejournal.com profile] dr_whuh. Thanks love.
Disclaimer:  As much as I wish it were otherwise, nothing in the Whoniverse, save the occasional original character is mind. All others belong to the BBC and their respective creators. I intend no copyright infringement and take no coin. I merely love them, and thank the BBC for letting me play in its sandbox.

***   ***   ***
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Happy Happy Birthday Birthday

Today is Friday, and it's also a birthday+ one for two folks I know.

First - many happy returns of the day (+one) to 
[personal profile] scripsi , a kind and talented woman who has costume-and-coutierer-fu. She shares many of my fandom loves and has a fine grasp of how to turn darkness into a bit of hopefulness in her very good fics, she cares about her world. her family, and those around her. I am very glad I've gotten to meet her, and I look forward to learning to know her more in the future. May your 2019 be fine, free of health problems for you and those you love. full of proximity to those loved ones, and full of unexpected joy. 

Second - another set of happy returns for 
[personal profile] harvey_rrit . Of all the people I've met on LJ/Dreamwidth, I suspect he and I are the farthest apart on political and possibly social stances. Yet he has continued to refrain from unfriending me. More importantly, he has continued to be an intelligent, funny, and observant person, who reminds me that the world isn't black and white, and doesn't necessarily have to be divided up into war camps. 
I sincerely hope your 2019 is a good one, and that I see you around again soon!

Dept. of Birthdays

Thursday, 7 February 2019 08:43 pm
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Many Happy Returns of the Day ...

... and only two days late, to 
[personal profile] beccadg , a lovely fan who shares my love of Dr. Who. and little known anime; someone who is obviously kind and thoughtful, who cares for her country and its future. May your 2019 be a very good year, and thank you for being here in fandom!
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Title: Cesium and Desist
[personal profile] kaffyr 
Fandom: Dr. Who
Characters: the Thirteenth Doctor, Yasmin Khan, Ryan Sinclair
Words: 1,202
Summary: Lab, kitchen, kitchen, lab … she kept getting the two places mixed up. The Doctor’s latest adventure in baking goes chemically awry.
Author's Note: This was written for 
[personal profile] nenya_kanadka , during the 2018 [community profile] fandom_stocking  fun. She likes the Thirteenth Doctor, and Yaz, and so do I. I hope she doesn't mind that Ryan and Graham found their ways in. Also, after watching numerous videos about volatile metals, I’m sure I shall always eye shiny liquid gold stuff with a jaundiced eye as a result. I’m convinced that the beauty of cesium should only be appreciated in still images.
Edited by: No one, unfortunately. All mistakes - especially anything having to do with cesium - are my own. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
Disclaimer: As much as I wish it were otherwise, nothing in the Whoniverse, save for the odd original character, is mine. All others belong to their various creators and the BBC. I take no coin and intend no infringement. I just love them, and thank the BBC for letting me play in its sandbox.

***   ***  ***  ***
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Idea for #soturesponse.

He lied. He lies. He will lie again. 

Oh, and he's a fucking lying POS.

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One Day Late

Happy Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] nucleosides, whose dedication to family and friends is admirable, whose ability to organize and stay focused I am impressed beyond measure with, and a Dr. Who and BBC fan who shares many of my fandom loves. May 2019 be a very good year for you and yours; may health problems stay at a minimum, may those you love have years full of joy, and may I continue to see you here for a very long time. 
kaffyr: Dillons illustration of Nix's Abhorsen world. (The Old Kingdom)
So yes, I did write some stories for [community profile] fandom_stocking , and now that I know their recipients have read them, I can post them. 

Title: A Falcon at Stoke Field
[personal profile] kaffyr 
Fandom: Shadow of the Tower
Characters: Henry VII, Simnel the Pretender, two guards
Words: 926
Summary: One name had been left behind, the next was never his to begin with. In the aftermath of Stoke Field, Lambert Simnel chooses a new identity.
Author's note: This was written, with great affection, for 
[personal profile] thisbluespirit  for [community profile] fandom_stocking  2018. I thank her for luring me into yet another fandom, and with luck, this offering will be acceptable. My research is superficial at best, but the story's two central conceits lie in reports that the young pretender was called by the name he chose in some contemporary accounts (per Wikipedia at least) and that he eventually became a falconer.
Edited by: Unedited, but obsessively reread. Any mistakes are my own.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, particularly Henry VII or Lambert Simnel,  and take no coin. 
Read here, or at AO3.

***   ***   ***
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Cat Tales

Sitcommish heck commenceth hereunder )
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A Couple of Recommendations

First, this, thanks to 
[personal profile] supergee  - a calm, reasoned, articulate, well-researched commentary that Howard Shutlz should read, one that I think effectively dissolves the "both sides" argument diverting too many peoples' attentions right now. 

And this is a reminder that "tribalism," as it's being used right now, is a racist mistake. I'm glad I read it, because I'd been saying the same wrong thing. 

Dept. of Birthdays

Saturday, 2 February 2019 03:00 pm
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Natal Felicitations

Way back on the 20th of January, 
[personal profile] canaan  celebrated (at least I hope it was a celebratory occasion) her birthday. She's an amazing writer; funny, incisive, wise, and often lyrical. It's been a pleasure to become acquainted with her on the internet over the past few years. She's also someone who has battled through some truly horrible health challenges, and I sincerely hope she has come out on the other side of them. May this delayed birthday wish find you in a far better place, and I hope we someday see more of you around here.

Far more recently, on Jan. 31, came 
[personal profile] flowsoffire 's birthday. She is not only a wonderful writer, at home in more than one language (and that alone awes me), she's a fan who turns her talents to excellent fic. And beyond that, she is kind, thoughtful, and a delight to know. I hope your birthday was just fantastic, and that you are, perhaps, still celebrating in whatever way you like best. I'm glad to know you!

Dept. of w00t!!1!

Friday, 1 February 2019 04:52 pm
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I'm dead tired, about to watch some anime with my Best Beloved, and enjoy a whisky, so I'll keep it short. 

We have a thawed pipe! We have hot water! Things are ever so much better than they were this time last night!

For $675, they'd better be, mutters the dour, money-watching part of me. But I'm just paying attention to the happy hot-water me right now. 

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Much Delayed [community profile] fandom_stocking  Review

Here it is, almost February, and I haven't thanked all the lovely people who filled my stocking this year (and by this year, I mean December-January, says pedantic 
[personal profile] kaffyr .) I loved everything, and was particularly tickled by the icons people made, and the recipes and recipe sites that people provided. 

[personal profile] kingstoken  gave me two lovely icons, one of Thirteen and one of Valkyrie, backed in a shade of my favorite color. 

[personal profile] hopelesse  gifted me with recs for some lovely fanvids. You should go over and check them out!

[personal profile] wendymypooh  must have peeked into my food-loving brain, because she provided me with two candy recipes, and a comfort food recipe for chicken and dumplings. What a gift for cold winter days! Then, to top it off, she wrote me a Farscape fic, which may be the first time someone's written for me in one of my fave fandoms. It was wonderful, and any Farscape fans on my list would enjoy it, I'm sure.

[personal profile] tarlanx , from whose graphics skill I've benefited before, blessed me with a veritable cornucopia of <i>.Sapphire and Steel</i> icons. They're gorgeous.

[personal profile] thisbluespirit  was wonderful, with two gifts; the first was her rec for Kitty Eden's Expressing the Inexpressible, and her link to her own wonderful tumblr lineup of Elements. Then she wrote a beautifully dense, witty, and sweet Sapphire and Steel fic, One Night Stand, for which I can't thank her enough; the story provides wonderful cameos for several Elements, interacting with Silver, my favorite Element. 

[personal profile] highlander_ii  provided me with four different cooking blogs, and I'm already making use of them; Alton Brown's is wonderful fun, and the Budget Bites blog has proven extremely helpful!

[personal profile] liadtbunny  remembered my love of narwhals and found me several absolutely gorgeous pieces of narwhal art, which made me squee.

[personal profile] hamsterwoman  enriched my collection of The Goblin Emperor icons, and since I've dived into that tiny fandom with a great deal of joy (the book is my go-to comfort read), these beauties were most definitely welcomed. 

[personal profile] alexcat  noted my love for the MCU universe, and wrote a delightful bit of Cap/Sharon smut for me. I'm grinning just thinking about it.

[personal profile] falcon_horus  gifted me with a most original stocking stuffer - two online puzzles. I love puzzles, so this was my jam. 

To all of you - thanks from the bottom of my heart! 
[community profile] fandom_stocking  is a favorite time of year for me. both the giving and receiving, and your stocking stuffers gave me great joy. 

Dept. of JFC

Wednesday, 30 January 2019 06:34 pm
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Frozen Pipe Fun

Woke up this morning and went into the kitchen to put some coffee on, and discovered that the hot water pipe leading to the kitchen sink faucet wasn't working and was either simply frozen, or frozen and burst. This took place despite me having turned the faucet on to dribble the night before, in hopes of avoiding just such a scenario. 

We couldn't identify the frozen pipe; it wasn't any of the ones easily accessible under the sink, which means it's probably in the wall, which is hard by the outdoors (and that's probably why it froze.) We've had an electric heater on almost non-stop under the sink, to no avail, and we can't use a hair dryer because we can't access the affected pipe. The other faucets in the house aren't affected, so it has to be fairly localized, but still ... no luck in finding it.

We're hoping that the heater, which is now pointed directly at the back wall, keeps the pipe from bursting, even if it doesn't thaw the ice inside. But it looks increasingly likely that we'll have to call a plumber. Since tomorrow is going to be almost as cold as today, when our area got no warmer than -11F, I'm guessing that plumbers really can't do their best work tomorrow. Plus, since there are probably people all over the city with similar situations, once plumbers do come out, there will be a hell of a long wait time. My guess is that we won't be able to get a plumber out until at least late Friday. 

And by that time, the pipe may well burst, if it hasn't already. Bob did some checking, and the estimates for fixing something like that hover around $15,000, he said. 

Which we don't actually have easily at hand.


Dept. of Cold

Tuesday, 29 January 2019 09:14 pm
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Sweet Lord, It's Cold

Right now, Weather Underground's nearest amateur weather-watcher puts our temperature at -5F, but with no wind. The NOAA forecast out at O'Hare, says it's -6F out there, with -26F windchill. Being by the lake obviously has some positives for us. Still, I suspect the wind will pick up, and our windchill will drop. 

I love living in Chicago, but the cold, while I acknowledge it as an important formative pillar of the overall personality of my city and its environs, is sub-optimal. Certainly sub tonight. 

Our furnace has been running more or less steadily since about 3 p.m. I donated to an on-the-ground group that provides blankets and food for at least one of the tent cities Chicago's homeless have created. I realized I have some hats and scarves that we no longer use, so I'm going to call around tomorrow and see if there's a place we can drop them off. 

If the cold hasn't deflated our little orange car's tires, which is a real possibility.

And of course, speaking of orange, the Orange Splotch is making massively unfunny jokes about how we could certainly use some of that there global warming now, hyuk-hyuk, and his base undoubtedly is lapping it up. 

Learn the difference between weather and climate, you massive piece of unusable nightsoil. 
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Updates Are Us

I can't believe how long it's been since I actually posted something, or responded to other folks. Here's my "n things makes a list" post. 

1. Vincent is settling in, and Opie, while continuing to growl, seems to be getting used to him. I was saddened when I saw Vincent awaken to the fact that "this other little ginger guy actually doesn't like me! Why?" but I'm hoping that they'll eventually get comfortable with each other. We got a new cat litter pan, or more accurately, a "litter loo" that is essentially a mini-shed for holding the real litter pan. It's taller than our old Booda-box, which allows Vincent to get in, turn around, etc., without getting his fur into the litter or his own leavings (and that is still a big problem; I can hardly wait for his Feb. 2 grooming date, during which he'll have the fur around his butt trimmed. Cleaning a very big cat's behind is an exercise for two people, and it's tough to do well even with two.) The litter loo has the added benefit of being a small table, providing another horizontal surface in a kitchen that needs them. 

2. Last Saturday, I attended a Pioneer Press reunion-cum-goodbye-for-the-buyouts-and-earlier-laid-offs party. It was one of the most surprisingly positive, and positively intense, gatherings I've recently been to. Somewhere between 30 and 50 people attended, nearly all of them Pioneer alumni of various types. I saw people I hadn't seen in decades; I saw three of my old editors, including one who I'd served under in the late 1980s; she told me that seeing me and my colleagues was the only reason she'd braved the weather that night (it was pretty bad.) I didn't even mind seeing my last editor; he might have been what tipped me over into taking the buyout, but I realized that I could interact with him pretty darned pleasantly when we weren't forced to interact on a professional basis. There were loads of hugs, freely and enthusiastically given and received. One of my buyout colleagues said, .as we headed home, that it was very much like a high school reunion; you realize that even the people you hated or feared as a high school student have turned into people you are happy to see. 

3. A couple of nights ago, I was feeling kind of down - can't even remember why - and my beloved husband put on the first episode of "The War Games," the final adventure for the Second Doctor. We binged the entire adventure over two nights, and it was rollicking good fun. The pacing was remarkably decent, and I was surprised at how much action there was, since I think the received wisdom is that it was the Third Doctor who was action-oriented, and not the Second. The acting varied from "a bit better than decent" to "OMG this is horrible, and it's viewable only as scenery-chewing OTT fun!" The fellow playing the War Chief was marginally better than the guy playing the security chief, and the War Lord was actually pretty good. It was my first encounter with Jamie and Zoe; both actors did well, especially Frazier Hines. Of course, it doesn't do to inspect the plot too closely, lest one break out into snickers and, eventually, guffaws. But I'm so glad I saw it. 

4. We in Chicago are bracing for the coldest week thus far this 2018-2019 winter season. By Wednesday, the high temp. for the day will be -10F, and the wind will put daytime wind-chills close to -25. The night time temps and windchills for Tuesday and Wednesday are even more dire. I therefore went out today and got all the necessary things we'll need; Japanese fish cake, bean sprouts, seitan, fried tofu, Japanese and Korean baked goods, mochi, curry and mapo tofu mix ... WHAT??!?

5. Also? Roger Stone was arrested and indicted. The world got a little brighter ....

Dept. of Birthdays

Wednesday, 16 January 2019 07:02 pm
kaffyr: Kitty from "Kiki's Delivery Service" (kiki cat)
Birthdays. Birthdays and Cats

Monday was 
[personal profile] ljgeoff 's birthday, and I can't begin to tell you how much she deserves all the birthday wishes. And, frankly, All The Things. 

She's got more energy in her little finger than I've ever had in my entire body. She also has a heart that puts the "His Heart Grew Three Sizes That Day" Grinch to shame. Put simply, she cares; for people, for animals. for strays, for anyone or anything that needs love.  Her intelligence just adds to the package.

Then, when you further add to that her amazing writing talent, bringing excellent fanfic into the world, as well as original fiction of haunting power, you've got a creative dynamo with a cheerful mien, and a fearless ability to leap into abysses of all kinds, either crossing them in one bound, or rebounding from the bottom to climb determinedly to the top. 

Many delayed Happy Birthday wishes, Lisa - and here's a picture of Vincent. (Under the cut because of size.)
Vincent Routliffe, the Big Grey Cat )He's settled in quite nicely, and Opie is adjusting a little faster than we'd feared he would. We still have to tackle a couple of issues, including some remaining mats, but the vet says his knackering proceeded nicely. He's really lovely, and I'm glad he's with us. (Also, it's weird, but he has absolutely no guard hairs, only the soft under coat, which accounts for the matting propensity. It's the exact opposite of our gingers, who had and have so much top/guard hair that it was and is hard to get to the under coat.)

Dept. of Return

Tuesday, 15 January 2019 01:36 pm
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A Homecoming, of Sorts

It has been two weeks since I last posted, and once again, I'm trying to redress my absence.
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We Escaped 2018

... and I loved the Dr. Who New Year special. It solidified my feelings about this season; I loved it, for reasons that might run counter to those of other folks. 

I'm heading to bed right now, so I'll have to leave my explanation for another time. But I know what I liked, and I'll do my best to explain in another post. 

kaffyr: close up of Maia from book cover (close)
Hey, [personal profile] thisbluespirit !

I'm on Episode 3 of Shadow of the Tower. 

Just thought you should know. 


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