Monday, 23 December 2013

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Stars, Survivors and Pomegranate Seeds

(Back in February of this year, I promised [personal profile] jjpor , the very nice creator and moderator of [community profile] who_at_50  that I would post something having to do with the Ninth Doctor in March. I decided pretty quickly it was going to be something about Jackie and Nine, because I love both characters, and think they're more alike than different. And I figured that, having realized what I wanted to write about, it would be easy to write. More fool I.

It's been a far too long since I made that promise, but I finally finished my meditation on Jacqueline Angela Suzette Prentice and The One Who Stole Her Daughter.

Oh, and if you haven't explored [community profile] who_at_50 , you really should. It's full of Who goodness, no doubt about it.)


The sky is dark and full of stars )
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 Happy Birthday [ profile] fmsv!

Keep warm in this latest cold snap, celebrate your birthday with friends and loved ones, and have a happy Yuletide with those people as well!


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