Date: Thursday, 2 May 2013 01:39 am (UTC)
She seems to spend most of her time on the iPad surfing Tumblr and watching tv shows (what do you want? she's 17), but she also does a lot of her school assignments on it. I asked her about the apostrophe thing, and she said that if you hold down the "," key, an apostrophe key will appear above it. Apparently there are other options on many keys if you hold them down. Who knew? But it sounds like you have to learn a whole different process of typing. I think she has a special word processing app that's designed for the iPad.

She uses Googledocs and pretty much keeps everything in the cloud. Actually I do too, because although I have my own cubicle with my own computer at work, I spend a lot of my time there in various production studios, and it's handy to be able to access scripts and schedules and stuff no matter where I am. The PTB decided it was easier to make sure every room has a computer in it than to get us all laptops. Googledocs is pretty userfriendly once you get used to it.

My daughter got her iPad through her old school (which is, sadly, closed now - long story). They had a grant to do a study about using technology in the classroom. Half the kids got iPads and half got laptops. Before they had gotten very far into the school year, everybody was saying that laptops were better, but now she has this thing and it was free, so that's what she uses.

Long rant about technology: I'm so old, I was really annoyed when computers started having mice. I'm a very fast typist, and I felt like every time I had to take my fingers off the keyboard to click and drag something, it slowed me down. I spent a lot of hours in the 1980's getting really good at WordPerfect, and then I had to give it up in the 90's because every time I had WordPerfect and an internet browser open at the same time, it made my computer crash.

You kids get off my lawn.
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