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Sweet Lord, Computers Are Infuriating

('Ware, 'ware ... here be computer neepery from someone who doesn't even know the right computer language, but has messed about)

I have spent more than an hour in a cafe whose internet connection has - until this visit and, in specific, this day, been completely accessible to me -  trying to access the connection. Because today it became completely unconnectable, with the diagnostics tool repeatedly telling me that the IP connection was incomplete.

In addition, the computer steadfastly refused to allow me to change the profile to either "home" or "work" from "public", which was one of the only ways it seemed possible to get it to recognize the connection. It actually refused to allow me to set the profile, something I've previously always been able to do. All the pathways with which I'm familiar, that have heretofore allowed me to a) do said profile reconfiguring or b) dig down to find the spot where I can set the computer to accept a local IP address (which I'm sure is the wrong way to refer to what I'm trying to describe), were simply missing.

And then, after deleting the cafe's connection and turning off the computer for a fourth or fifth time and reconnecting - everything connected, hey-presto, with no need to change the connection profile from public. And I don't know what happened this time that allowed me to connect that I didn't do the four times previously. Because I did everything exactly the same.


That is all.

Oh, wait. We went to the lawyers, and I learned that I'll be able to access money I hadn't realized I'd have as a result of mother's estate in about two years, once the Nova Scotia probate process is done (and yes, here they have probate even if you have a will, and the length of time is generally 12-18 months at the best of time because of Revenue Canada.) I'm going to access a very small amount of that money in two years, take care of some debts if I haven't already dealt with them by then, and reinvest all the rest.

Mom, you have provided me with a tiny measure financial security, something that was so far from my brain over the past few years, and definitely over the past week or so, that it isn't even funny. Thank you for one more gift. 

Next step: I guess I'd better get myself a will, right damned now.
And tomorrow I go home.

Date: Wednesday, 6 November 2013 11:52 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] a-phoenixdragon.livejournal.com
Bless you dear one...glad she left you something to help you when you need it most!

Dude. I had wifi problems today as well. Wonder if it is going around?



Date: Thursday, 7 November 2013 01:23 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] a-phoenixdragon.livejournal.com
Any tiny bit invested is still something invested!!

Gahhh, thee and me...and barely at that!

You do, honey...give him a big kiss from you and a bit of a squish from me, yeah?


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