Date: Monday, 6 April 2015 10:48 pm (UTC)
As am I, but then, I think of the SJWs as hysterical, belligerent and self-righteous asshats. Everyone who is reasonable I think of as Progressives. But then, I came across so many self-righteous, hate-mongering, name-calling/cat-calling, fear-driven SJWs on Tumblr, it drove me away from Tumblr. To call out Hate with more Hate is not the way to go. To me, Progressive is a little more realistic, down-to-earth and with a for-everyone attitude and looks a little more like this. So that's where my thoughts are on that.

I think I'm just appalled and headdesking because the louder one crew screams, the louder the other one does (and by this I mean Priveledged, Pompous Assholes VS Internet!SJWs) and all it does is create more hate, fear and anger. Nothing gets done. And the priveledged use their priviledge to make it all that much worse. I'm just beside myself! I keep fighting, but I guess I find it easier to do so quietly and in little ways that can lead to big ways, as screaming just seems to make me hoarse and other people deaf.

And yes, the Priviledged are the new 'victims'. UGH. Fear of losing what they have is what makes them so hateful. What they don't get is the old wives tale: the more you give the more you have. If they'd just get that death grip on everyone loosened a tad, maybe they would find it easier to breathe, relax and enjoy what everyone can bring to the table (metaphorically). I guess I just don't understand what all the shouting is supposed to accomplish.

Gods, yes, I remember that. I also remember being uncomfortable and quite vocal about certain things after that (my apologies, btw, if I embarrassed you at any point. *Facepalm*). To me that is just fear speaking in a really ugly way. I just wish that the priviledged would realize the only thing out there to fear? Is themselves...

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