Dept. of Saturday

Saturday, 20 April 2019 11:28 am
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Sunshine, Good Intentions, and Apples

One of my good intentions was to sit down and read the Mueller report. Yes, all 400-plus pages of it. Other folks have done so, and if I can read zoning reports, I can read this. 

Unfortunately, my back started acting up again (or my leg. Or both, consecutively and concurrently). so I spent much of the afternoon lying in bed with a heating pad. I also did some exercises that are supposed to help strength muscles around my sacroiliac joints, so I feel as if I've done the right things by my back. 

I did manage to make one of the larger amounts of applesauce that I've made in my life. It also has plums in it, since I needed to use some up before they went bad. It needed thickening after it was done, but I was able to thicken it up with Bird's Custard (WHAT??!?) and it wound up tasting very nice. Cinnamon., nutmeg, mace ... all the classic additions. 

Almost the best part of making the applesauce was getting to use the apple peeler-slicer-corer that BB and I picked up at a second hand store years ago. I'd never used it before, but the large amount of large apples I had to peel (these days I need to eschew fruit skins, much to my sorrow) convinced me to find the thing and use it. 

And it worked like a charm, a little - or a lot - to my surprise.

And tomorrow? In the morning, the Mueller report, at noon, an Easter brunch with my friends, and in the evening, Episode 2 of Game of Thrones. In which, I know, I just know, at least one of my favorite characters is going to bite it. Argh. 
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Well, This is Not What I Had Planned at All

I have now concluded to my unhappy satisfaction, that I am, for the foreseeable future, Off Cinnamon. 

Given the huge place cinnamon has played in our menus, this involves a sea change in the way I approach non-savory recipes. It also requires that I give away at least one of the huge containers of cinnamon that I have. 

The apple harvest cake will be divided, with one half for BB, and the other to be given to FB and Miss Em. Same for the cookies. Both have been pronounced excellent by BB, but both have provoked cinnamon reflux, for lack of a better term, in Your Humble And Culinarily Careless Servant. 

And it's my own fault, for misreading the recipe in the first place. (Or not washing off the apples and starting fresh, instead of trying to make do.)

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Saturday In The Kitchen

The kitchen is a sugary-cinnamony mess*. Particularly the cinnamon, since, while making my mother's Apple Harvest Cake - which calls for 1T of cinnamon on a bunch of cut-up apples - I misread the recipe and put 3 tablespoons in. 

The cake turned out OK, largely because I separated the apples from the cinnamon sugar mix, and BB assures me the result is really good. But now I have a lot of cinnamon-sugar mix (I added what seemed like a metric shit-ton of sugar to the mix in an effort to balance it out correctly) that I need to make cookies with. I believe it will involve rolled oats, orange extract and chocolate chips. Hush, it will be wonderful. 

Meanwhile, there was so much cinnamon in the air, and in some that I unwisely put in my coffee, along with sugar and milk, that I'm burping up uncooked cinnamon. It has an unpleasantly chemical aftertaste. That doesn't appear to have affected the cake; presumably the cooking process allowed it to become less chemical. But burping the stuff is not pleasant. My stomach agrees, so I had some cold, slightly salted rice, because I'm apparently incapable of leaving my stomach well enough alone. 

(I realize that in reading this, you may recoil from my cooking skills , adjudging them - possibly correctly - as non-existent. You may decide that you will, if presented with an invitation to dine Chez 
[personal profile] kaffyr , politely decline. And you may vow never again to read anything I post about cooking. I am taking that risk, because in this TMI age, you deserve to note my weird-ass culinary stumbles, as well as my equally weird-ass culinary triumphs.)

Once I've stopped burping cinnamon, I'll venture back into the kitchen to attempt the oatmeal cookie-things. Wish me luck.

*Update - I've cleaned the kitchen. It's much more civilized now. 
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Kitchen Terror Unleashed

I have made 78 molasses ginger cookies with raisins. 

Fear me. 
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Today I Made Pumpkin Pie

And I successfully used up some leftovers in the fridge to make a decent fettuccine dish for supper. These are both successes. And I realized that something I thought I had to get done in three days was actually something I don't have to get done for 9 days. That's lagniappe. 

I also listened to a lot of Joe Hisaishi music. And now I'm going to bed, knowing I don't have to get up early in the morning. That's the best part. 

No, perhaps tomorrow will be the best part. 

Dept. of Discomfort

Thursday, 9 March 2017 09:55 pm
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Is It Friday Yet?

I'm heading to bed, because I think I'm getting a head cold.  I'll try to catch up with everyone tomorrow. 

The car's working again, after almost $300 worth of work. (It wasn't the radiator.)

I made a mashed cauliflower casserole for supper. Yes, I know it sounds horrible; it wasn't. It was reasonably good. Unfortunately, cooking the cauliflower in water in order to make it soft enough to mash brought out all the odors that roasting cauliflower doesn't. Urgh. Maybe I should be glad my nose is starting to plug up.

Ah, me. 

Goals, Day 3

Friday, 3 March 2017 05:09 pm
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Thanks much to [personal profile] thisbluespirit  for something cheerful!

This lovely vid made me much more cheerful than I'd been before I watched it. 

And today is Friday; I have dined on turkey croquettes and maple-glazed fried parsnips (courtesy of BB) for supper. Our kitty, Alex, is feeling better after a trip to the vet, and I had a very productive Thursday and Friday. So I am pleased. And tomorrow BB, FB, and our friend Neil go to Hausermann's for their annual February orchid show.

I am a happy camper.  

Dept. of Thursday

Thursday, 17 November 2016 06:56 pm
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Cauliflower, Capons, Early Deadlines

I have just roasted cauliflower florets after tossing them with coarsely chopped garlic, red pepper flakes, salt and olive oil. It is really, really good. I don't know why I didn't think about roasting cauliflower before the age of 61. (Me, not the cauliflower.) I have a new side-dish for Thanksgiving!

I was playing around with the idea of having a capon rather than a turkey for thanksgiving dinner. After some thought and reading, I've decided not to do so. I'll just go with a smaller turkey and slow/moist roast it. 

Can you tell I'm going into Thanksgiving dinner mode? Doing so makes me happy. We're having FB and Em, our friend JT, Drs. Gonzo and Bob (not my BB, a different Bob), and maybe a couple of others. BB has asked that we don't talk about politics. Knowing our friends, that may be impossible, but we'll try to minimize the talk. As he says, he'll even be willing to watch football if it stops the political talk. "I want to be thankful," he says, and I understand. 

Early deadlines, early deadlines, early deadlines. Lord, what a pain. And I signed myself up for a Saturday evening assignment, which is also a bit of a pain, although it'll be an automatic 6 hours of pay. 

And now, to sit with my beloved and watch anime!

Dept. of Sunday

Sunday, 16 October 2016 05:29 pm
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How To Make The Coming Week Better

Actually, I don't have a recipe for making the coming week better, so that's a rather misleading headline. But I want to make the week better. So, lack of recipe notwithstanding, how do I do it?

Saving bandwidth since 2006.... )

Dept. of Saturday

Saturday, 2 April 2016 07:28 pm
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Don't Like the Weather? Wait 5.25 Minutes ....

Over the past week, I've noted that Chicago weather has been tremendously unsettled; the old joke that's usually ascribed to whatever location the teller is in - as mentioned above - was bewilderingly accurate. For the last six days, we've had 15 minutes of sun, followed by 15 minutes of extreme thunderstorm, followed by more sun, followed by high winds and scudding clouds, followed by sun, followed by dark grey overcast, followed by, yes, more sun.  And it's left me unsettled; I like having weather that's easy to predict. That's just how I roll. 

And today was weird enough to get noticed by more than me, at least judging by Twitter; blowing snow, followed by sun, followed by a full-fledged 15-minute snowstorm, followed by blue, blue skies and sun, followed by yet another snowstorm, followed by wind and scudding cloud, followed by sun ... lather, rinse, repeat. 

So, rather than focus rather unhealthily on the weather (really, 
[personal profile] kaffyr , it's weather), I decided to salvage whatever salvageable tomatoes from amongst the many unsalvageable ones slowly decaying in the vegetable crisper (and was there ever a more misleading name?) bin in the bottom of my refrigerator. 

The end result was pretty decent, although I had to augment my tiny bit of sauce with a can of diced tomatoes, so it's not completely from scratch. I was surprised and disappointed that I didn't find a single recipe for making tomato sauce from fresh tomatoes in any of my recipe books. Not even Joy of Cooking, for heaven's sake! All the recipes made use of canned tomatoes. That ought to tell you something about the evolution of Western cooking ... So I just winged it. It's been years since I actually made a basic tomato sauce, as opposed to many of the other sauce-y things I make, but I'm pleased. Dehydrated onions, ground celery (as opposed to celery salt), salt, garlic, pepper, Italian seasoning and fresh-ground fennel, they all go together so well. 

What's that you say? That I was supposed to be writing today? 


Well, actually, I did do some editing of existing words and paragraphs. Does that count? And I think I managed to move our heroes further along their  way. 

Yeah, I got nuthin. Maybe better tomorrow?

Dept. of Kwizeeen

Wednesday, 27 January 2016 08:31 pm
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I Have ...

... made a 10-pound lasagne.*

Fear me.

*With the help of my beloved sous-chef. At 8:30 at night.  


Dept. of Chemistry

Saturday, 18 July 2015 07:29 pm
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Ah, the Magic of Cookery

Well, I was feeling rather glum a little earlier today - quite momentarily, I assure you, but glum nonetheless. I started a post that was gazing drearily on humanity's apparently matchless ability to bring an end to the Anthropocene ... and then I remembered that I meant to make an Apple Harvest Cake today. It's a recipe of my mother's and grandmother's that involves apples and cinnamon and far too many eggs and a great deal of sugar and oil (it's a Second World War-era recipe, for all that it was profligate with the eggs, so oil it was, rather than the fats that were necessary for the war effort, or the dairy goods that were needed for Our Boys at the Front) ...

The result is that, while it baked, filling the house with a perfectly wonderful aroma, I exercised, and then we had an excellent supper of leftovers, and the cake came out just as we finished supper. We will have cake and ice cream after the first hour of anime watching. 

And the idea of monologueing about the end of the Anthropocene just flew out the window. At least for now. 

Dept. of Memes

Saturday, 11 July 2015 04:16 pm
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Five Things That Make Me Happy

[ profile] mack_the_spoon tagged me with this meme, and though I'm not normally very good at memes, or indeed all that interested in them, this one attracted me because it's simple - I am a simple creature - and it was a very positive sort of thing. I do love many things, so let's see if I can tell you about five things that make me happy. 

1. BB. He is, quite simply, the best thing in my life. It may seem disrespectful to call him the best thing, but what I mean by that is that he does so much for me, and has taught me so much, and has been there so often for me ... he is my best friend; he's my voice of reason when I need one, and that's oh, so often; he's the one who kills the cockroaches, he's the one who tells me I look good when I know I'm looking seedy, he's the one who knows I need a hug. He's the one who tells me, who convinces me, that things are going to be alright. He's the one who introduced me to jazz (and truly nurtured my inherent love of music in general), and Firesign Theater, and martinis. He knows my sense of humor, and puts up with my lack of humor when I'm in particularly dour moods. He is the best.

2. Personal letters that come by mail. Whether they're handwritten or typed up, getting a real letter in the mail takes me back to the days when getting news from friends who lived far away was a special treat. The days you'd wait between the time you mailed your own letter - which you'd carefully written with as much news, thoughts, meanderings, worries and joys as you could possibly do before your fingers tired or your typewriter jammed - and the time you got an answer, with any luck as jammed packed in answer, were interminable. And the day the letter arrived, oh, it was wonderful!

3. Music. I grew up with music; my Nana and my mother sang, and sang beautifully. I had piano lessons for years, and have always regretted giving them up. I love almost every kind of music, although rock and roll gets my blood flowing the most, and jazz talks to my head and heart almost as much as I've grown older. Even music I thought I didn't like, like various iterations of country, or were bored by, like whatever folk is, I learned to appreciate. Music is language I can share with everyone, and it's a language BB helped me get better at. Without music, my inner life would be an echoing, empty chamber. 

4. Cooking and writing. Yes, definitely cheating here by putting both things in the same boat, but they are both ways I can create, and I love that. Cooking is a way I can carry on my Nana's traditions in the kitchen, and those of my mother's too, so that's one reason. It's creation with short term gratification, but with challenges (as anyone who has ever wrestled with making a good pie crust can tell you.) It's also tied in with the joy of feeding family and friends, which of course is also tied in to ego gratification, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Writing is far more difficult for me, whether it's news and feature writing, or fiction writing. But I could no more stop writing, as slow as I am, than I could stop walking or talking. This happiness comes from my fiction writing, and it comes at least in part from knowing that I'm good at it, and that I can create stories that people love. I doubt that I will ever return to writing original fiction, but writing fan fiction makes me more happy than I've ever been when writing other things. 

5. Fandom. By that, I mean many things. I mean the traditional science fiction fandom that I discovered in 1977 when I went to my first World Science Fiction Convention, and which led me to a circle of music-oriented fans in Minneapolis in the 1980s and early 1990s. Traditional fandom was my first real intellectual and emotional home apart from my family. It was the place where I discovered that other people really loved the books I loved, and who didn't think I was weird, mockable, or bullyable, because of it. (Even my family, who indulged my reading, looked at it askance). Bless traditional fandom forever. And now, I am a part of online fandom, which is a child of traditional fandom, but who, like all children, has grown into a creature all its own. I have friends, and friendly acquaintances, all across this globe, people who helped me hang on to happiness, who encouraged my writing, who challenged my mind, who have been wonderful to read and to interact with for the past nine-plus years. You are all part of my life, and you enrich it so much. Thank you!

And let's see, I
 should tag people, although it's definitely a voluntary thing, especially if you've done this before. So ... [personal profile] a_phoenixdragon , [personal profile] penlessej , [personal profile] elisi , [personal profile] jjpor , and [personal profile] ljgeoff  - tag, you're it!

Honorable mentions: Doctor Who, especially Nine, Eleven, and River; Japanese curry and croquettes; Chicago; anime.
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Well, The Bread May Not Rise ...

... but, based on previous bread making attempts, I know it will be good-tasting brick bread. Given that I've not made a loaf in months, I'm quite satisfied that a) it's my own fault, not the fault of materials or tools and b) that people will enjoy it (and also c) that once I get back in the swing of bread-making, this problem will disappear.)

In the meantime, while the bread is sadly, not rising, I'm making peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips, whilst sipping on a lovely chilled champagne tulip of asola prosecco. It's the last day of my mental-and-physical-health vacation, and the sun is shining outside. Afro-Caribbean Latin music is filling the house with very danceable rhythms, and a tulip of frosty prosecco is definitely called for. 

Oh, and later, we'll enjoy more of a very nice chicken and biscuit stew I made yesterday, before enjoying (for very skewed values of "enjoying," I'm willing to acknowledge) the final few episodes of Attack on Titan, and perhaps something else.

I'm enjoying AoT far more than I expected to; then again, I enjoyed Kill la Kill more than I expected to. I think it presses a couple of specific buttons I have. One is the button of "living in the shadow of imminent war," specifically "living in the shadow of imminent war in which I, as an active combatant, stand a better than 50 percent chance of dying." I often have dreams about such scenarios. I have no idea why, but I've had them for years. They are not positive dreams, and it's not a positive button, at least not positive in the commonly-held way. But it's a very intense thing, a very alive thing.

The other button is Zombies! Mindless Zombies! Mindelss Zombies With Beatific Smiles! Fourteen-meter Tall Mindless Zombies With Beatific Smiles .. Who Eat People Because They Like To, Not Because They Need To! Did I Mention Mindless? Zombies With No Brains? Yesssssss!

It's a button that's key to a roiling stew of complicated fear and attraction to scenario that takes my Zombie Button reactions, force feeds them steroids and yeast, then puts them in an oven to watch them grow like the unholy beasts they are. 

Put the two buttons together - and then introduce Intelligent Fourteen Meter Tall Zombies Who Might Be The Cure For The Other Ones ... yeah, I'm hooked. 

So there's that. 

Now I need to get back to the peanut butter cookies, and back to getting the pans ready for the not really buoyant bread-to-be. 

All in all, not a bad way to head into the working week. 

Dept. of Did You Know

Thursday, 2 April 2015 02:03 pm
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 Fun With Rice Cookers

Did you know that you can make one hell of a pancake in a rice cooker? Yes, we tried it (apparently it's A Thing), and it works.  Bob learns so many interesting things by reading Rocket News .... 
(Note: I just linked to the Rocket New feed that's tagged for food. There's loads more if you just go to Rocket News in general.)

Brought to you by Bored kaffyr is Bored.

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 A Good Monday, and a Busy Tuesday

Yesterday I kept meaning to sit down and post, because I had exciting news to tell you (well, for various pedestrian powers of exciting.) Remember my tale of pedal woe regarding winter boots, and the supposed loss of the one that didn't need to be fixed, just after I got the other boot fixed? Well, I found the other boot, hiding in a dusty corner of our rear stairwell. You have no idea the amount of rejoicing this engendered. Or perhaps you do, if you know my ability to be chuffed with the slightest positive happening. 

snow and more snow )

kitchen stuff )

In more fannish news, we watched more Korra last night.

We're in the middle of the third season; both BB and I are wondering at the lack of closure from the end of Season 2 ... strike that. Argh: just discovered that we didn't watch the last episode of Season 2 because we somehow didn't acquire it. That explains a lot. How embarrassing. 

We're also well into Durarara, and I can say with certitude that I have never disliked a character more, never solemnly yet feverishly wish for a character's downfall, more than I do Izaya. (I do occasionally remain amazed at my ability to become emotionally connected to 2D characters, but only occasionally. It's me, and that's that.)

And now it's back to the kitchen, although I'm going to move my laptop to the dining room so that I can post throughout the day. And I hope to trawl through my friends' list to find out what y'all have been doing. 
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Snowmageddon? Or Snowpocalypse? Hmmm ....

Not compared to the mugging Mother Nature performed on the East Coast just a few days ago, but Chicago and the rest of Illinois are making a valiant come-from-behind effort. We've got 13" 16" on the ground, with more than five hours to go before the blizzard warning is lifted, and we just hit white-out conditions in sections of Cook County. Chicago's apparently the center of this weather system. And also the epicenter. Yay, us!

I'm enjoying the second true day of vacation (my first days of vacation, Friday and Saturday morning, were spent trying to get one last story into my boss on the new NewsGate editorial platform we're using. I shouldn't do that, but I have a new editor - again - and I felt bad not getting as much in to him as possible for while I was gone. So, yeah, real vacation didn't start until Saturday afternoon, although I did escape from the house on Friday.)

Ruminations on cooking )

2D fun )

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Saturday Night Date and Good News

BB and I have just come back, happily stuffed, from our new favorite Japanese restaurant in Evanston. The place is called Kuni's, and it's a little bit more expensive than our previous go-to place, the sadly departed Tokyo Marina on the north side of Chicago, so we probably won't go there often, but it's really a great place for when you want really good sushi or chirashi or a nice dinner box of teriyaki and maki and whatever they call the fried rice balls, and the sweet omelet. MMmm. Also, red bean ice cream. But best of all, oddly, was what I've been faunching for for a few days - miso soup.

It was no big thing, but at the end of a week filled with (thankfully low level) stress, I'd told BB I wanted to go out for supper. After a very busy Friday afternoon, however, I changed my mind because I was beat, To my delighted surprise BB said "I'd like to go out tomorrow night for sushi," and it dovetailed so perfectly with what I'd wanted that I hoped all day today that both of us would have enough energy to do it.

It turned out we did, and the weather was much warmer, and I got a chance to try a new appetizer (fish jaw, which sounds gross, but isn't, especially after the waitress told us you just ate it with your hands), and we just talked about nothing at all stressful, and laughed, and enjoyed each other. And it cost less than stingy me had thought it would, which is kind of petty, but that's the way I think.

No big deal, and that's a very big deal for me. Next, I'm going to sweet-talk BB into watching three or maybe four Korra episodes. He's not yet as into it as I immediately got, but I suspect he will be.

And then there's this. Which I am very happy about. Our local has been able to organize two new units within the year, including this one, and believe me, there was a time I would have thought that no reporter on the Reader staff would ever deign to consider becoming a union member. My former bosses treated them with so little respect that, when they saw our unit members actually gain back some lost pay in our hard-won contract, when they got nothing so much as a sou, well, they came to us. Never forget, children, that management is often the best organizer a good union can have. 

So, yes, a post full of quiet and seemingly inconsequential, but actually very lovely, good things. I am a happy camper.

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Fighting Nerves With Good Stuff

Have you ever had a situation in which you've been gearing up, nerving up, for some task that, for whatever reason, intimidated you? And you finally get up the nerve to do it - and then you find out that the task can't be done; not because you were incapable of doing it, but because something else interferes?

I've had one of those days.

Boring yammer about email )
So there I was, all geared up to do something I was a little nervous about doing - and unable to do anything. Frustration? You damn betcha.

The entire day felt a little like that to me: two steps forward, one step back, or attempting to take a few steps, only to discover I was blocked.

Bitching about medical plans )
Still, there were some unambiguously good things that happened today. We checked our snail mail, and discovered, via a final paper check, that the ST did indeed pay me all the vacation accrual I was due, plus enough more that it was clear they'd finally switched us to a calendar year ... I will not bore you with the minutia, but this means that we need to let the HR people at the Trib know that they can switch us over to a calendar year, because they think we're still on an anniversary year. (All of which probably reads like Cyrillic to you; just ignore. Heh.) This was good. It also means I have enough money to take vacation this year.

And the curry was even better on the second day, so I decided to provide a link to both the recipes I used, so anyone who wants to can try them.  Here's the
curry roux recipe,  And here's the beef curry recipe. I'd love to hear from any of you who decide to try one or both of them, to hear what you think, good or bad. I put much more cayenne in the recipe than she calls for, by the way. 

We watched two more Korra episodes, and I hope to devour a few more tonight. I'm also thinking I should hunt down some episodes of The Librarians, since a lot of people seem to like it, and I think it would be up my alley.

Ah, I see I'm beginning to ramble, so I'll cut this one off.

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I Can Haz Japanese Curry!

Which I made myself, with home-made Japanese curry roux that took about 25 minutes to properly make (butter and flour cooked very slowly, constantly stirring, over low heat for about 22 minutes, and then curry, garam masala and cayenne pepper dumped in and mixed in. I can see why Japanese cooks make extensive use of ready-made curry roux (and I've used it myself), because making it from scratch is time consuming. But I've done it, and I know how to do it now, and that makes me very happy.

Sort of food porn )
Hmmm. Also, in non anime news, BB and I have started watching Legend of Korra. We are greatly impressed, and FB tells me it just keeps getting better. Woo-hoo!

Also, we finally took down the tree and got it to the park district for mulching. Less about what I truly think was about a quarter-pound of needles. That was a very, very, very dry tree by the time we took it out of the house. A vacuum full of needles. I even had to get needles out of the toaster. (Don't ask.)

Off to have a BAM and watch more anime. Because that's how I roll. (Did I mention that I made the curry while dancing around to Brazilian bossanova? I didn't? Well, that's what I did.)

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Better, better, better

Yesterday was not good, for a variety of reasons. Not horrid, but unpleasant.

pain med and prescription crap )
bread )

the Doctor )

On the other hand, today it is not sucking.

We went out and did a successful slipper swap at Costco (we got a new pair for me, and they were too large); FB came over briefly and played me recordings of songs he's doing with a new band he's jamming with, which was pleasant, especially since he also indicated that he and Emily are working out ways to deal with having to pay for his car repairs.Hurrah for maturity! And I got the chance to listen to Brazilian bossanova, do a couple more sentences on Chap. 24, get some prompts to do darkfic (as an exercise in doing things I'm not comfortable with) from the aforementioned and wonderful [personal profile] a_phoenixdragon , figured out what to do with the bread bricks, and let BB gently nurse me out of my foul mood.

So all in all? A decent recovery of the weekend. And tonight, more Avatar, I hope.

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A Good Day. A Very Good Day.

There was sunshine, and a little grocery shopping at our local fruit market, then some very nice peanut-butter marinated chicken (don't gag, it's actually a lovely way to marinate chicken thighs, with soy sauce and garlic and brown sugar, and this time I had some miso ginger broth, so I substituted that for the water I was supposed to use, and it was lovely) to go over rice. And there were brussel sprouts sauteed in too much yummy butter and olive and sesame oil, and balsamic vinegar and green onions. And there were double-fudge brownies with ice cream for dessert.

There was time with my Best Beloved, napping with my head on his chest in the afternoon. And that would have made it better than anything, even if I'd had to eat stale cheese sandwiches instead of everything I talked about, and even if I hadn't watched some Doctor Who, too.

But it was good that I did watch the Doctor as he journeyed Into The Dalek. BB isn't fond of that type of episode (although he did consider it well done of its type), but I am, and I thought it was top-notch. It was unsparing and it made me uncomfortable, and it made me not like the Doctor, and I think that's not only what it set out to do, but what it should have set out to do. And I think it did it very, very well. It strengthened Clara, it introduced Danny Pink, who I think will be a very interesting character, and it solidified some of my own Theories Which Are My Own about who Missy is. For reasons. 

I liked Deep Breath, and didn't see many of the supposed shortcomings others saw in it. It did have its faults, but it was a solid beginning to Capaldi's run, but I think I loved into The Dalek.

I want to explore both the episodes more; I hope I can summon the spoons to do so tomorrow.

Dept. of Good Things

Wednesday, 30 April 2014 11:49 pm
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Things That Are Good

Acquired family stuff )

Musings about meat )
Much of the necessary head work for Chapter 23 is now done.

I haven't been fired. I saw two more robins today. I have cats to pat. My husband loves me, and I love him. And it's spring, now and finally.

Hmm. This was a rather scattered post, wasn't it?

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Every Syllable Counts

I didn't manage big numbers today, but I got another 300 or so words completed, and noted in doing so that one of my characters has undergone yet another physical blow. This means I need to work fast to get that character some help. All in all, I think we're still on track. Go, us! Er .. me. I meant me. I certainly wouldn't be speaking on behalf of imaginary characters.

Food and beards and glasses, oh my! )
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Help Me Intarwebz, You're My Only Hope Undoubtedly Probably Apt To Be Possibly Helpful

So here it is, Sunday, and I spent too much of it actually working on a story for work, which I probably won't put on my time card because, hey, target on my back already thenkewverymuch, but, BUT, it ended up quite nicely, for reasons I shall elucidate at the end of this long and tortured sentence, and I have found my way back to Dreamwidth and/or LJ.(Why did it end up nicely? Because BB and I went here, and picked up a number of lovely marmalades and some toffee and liquorice, and had a nice cuppa, and he had a scone with clotted cream and I had a lovely slice of sponge cake, and since they were closing up, they gave us a couple of the last of that day's scones and the last slice of sponge cake to take home. Yes, all in all a quite nice way to get the taste of working out of one's mouth.)

And I have found my way back - yes, I remembered what I was writing about, despite the quite lovely digression into scones and sponge cake - with questions on my mind. And I turn to you, oh Internet friends and acquaintances, because you are all, every last one of you, intelligent and creative and possessed of great ideas and perhaps loads of secret knowledge.

First things first )

Then this, which explains the poll )

So: A Poll!

Poll #14179 What Should kaffyr Get With Her Gift Card?
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 12

Action Figure

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A Doctor
1 (11.1%)

A Companion
5 (55.6%)

An Opponent
0 (0.0%)

A Villain
3 (33.3%)

Kickass Acquaintance
0 (0.0%)

A plush toy

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3 (27.3%)

6 (54.5%)

Silurian (surely there's a Silurian)
1 (9.1%)

1 (9.1%)

Something quite daft

As always, give reasons for your answers, and suggestions beyond the buttons.

And thanks for putting up with me tonight. I feel rather as daft as the poll.


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