Dept. of Birthdays

Sunday, 31 March 2019 09:32 pm
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Many Happy Returns of the Delayed Days

I haven't been paying attention to all the lovely folks who've celebrated birthdays this month, and since this is the final day of March, I thought I'd send out some belated good wishes. 

First, to 
[personal profile] robling_t , she of cat-herding, the creator and writer of a most interesting couple. and a person who exudes generalized sardonic amusement at the state of the world. She celebrated on March 26, and I hope she celebrated well. And since we are in the same general area, I hope someday to have her over for tea. 

[personal profile] sensiblecat  celebrated on March 28. She enjoys fandom., the Doctor, fannish music. cats, and life with family and friends. I enjoy seeing her comments when she posts, and I am very glad to have made her acquaintance via LJ. Here's hoping you were able to take time to take walks in her beloved South West. 

Then, today, 
[personal profile] merryghoul  had a birthday - many I hope it was wonderful for her. She is a fan, and does yeoman's work via who_daily for those of us who are Whovians. She's a fic writer who shares my love of the incomparable River Song, and I hope to continue reading her fics well into the future. 

Finally, tomorrow, 
[personal profile] sarah531  will blow out the birthday candles. She writes beautifully, is thoughtful and funny, and I should spend more time interacting with her in These Here Intarwebz. Regardless, have a wonderful day, with family and friends!
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Happy Birthday Y'all

I was doing so well with posting this months, and even sending out birthday wishes relatively close to, or even on, actual birthdays. And then I fell off the damned bicycle (not a horse. Horses and I don't get along.) So here we are again, with me sending out belated wishes to absolutely delightful people. 

The very first is to one of the first people with whom I bonded in online fandom, [ profile] lyricalviolet, who celebrated on Feb. 18. I met her on the Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica boards at Television Without Pity, and I quickly grew to love her intelligence and adventurous nature, her creative skills and sense of humor, and of course, our shared fandom passions. Over the years, I regret to say, I have failed to keep up with her as she met the man she loves, married, had a wonderful child, and in general took the Doctor's advice and had a great life. I doubt she'll see this, and I'll look elsewhere to send her felicitations, but I want all of you to know what an amazing person she is.  

Another birthday person is the redoubtable [ profile] wendymr,  the first person to prove to me that fanfic could be well-written, gripping, emotionally trenchant and altogether satisfying. She is an ex-pat living in My Home and Native Land, she's a fan of labor rights and democracy, she knits, and I'm hoping she'll let us know how her trip to Australia went this past year. I promise I won't mention eggnog in her presence ... She celebrated on Feb. 18 as well, and I hope her celebrations were all that she hoped they would be. 

The third Feb. 18 birthday belongs to 
[personal profile] marence , a Cleveland denizen whose love of art, fandom, and rock and roll are praiseworthy, to say the least. I recall with pleasure a visit she made several years ago to Chicago, when we were able to share coffee and stories downtown (and watch a political protest go by.) I doubt that she is around here much these days, but if she does see this - Happy Birthday, and I hope you come to Chicago again, soon! 

Finally, on Feb. 21, 
[personal profile] misscam  celebrated, and I hope this extremely talented Norwegian fan enjoyed her day. If you see this, Happy Birthday!
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So Many Winter Birthdays

A delayed Happy Birthday wish to 
[personal profile] dewline , a fellow Canadian, someone who lives in my birth city, and also someone whose birthday was January 30. He posts thoughtfully about social and political issues in The True North and elsewhere, and is also a dab hand at providing links to interesting things. I hope your natal celebration was all you wanted it to be.

And hurrah, I can wish two folks some birthday happiness on the right day:

[personal profile] amberfocus , a prolific and gifted fic-writer, shares my love of the Ninth Doctor, Rose, and Jack Harkness, and she writes them well. She's a disciplined creator of words, which is even more impressive when you consider that she's also a major gardener who takes care of her family with devotion. Happy Birthday!

Finally, the great giraffe-opponent 
[personal profile] pitry , whose opposition to those long-necked deer doesn't make her a bad person. She's a fearless member of Academia, a lover of Torchwood (hurrah!), and has been a fellow Dr. Who fan for quite some time. I always enjoy seeing her posts, as infrequent as they currently are. I hope today was a great day for you!
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Happy Happy Birthday Birthday

Today is Friday, and it's also a birthday+ one for two folks I know.

First - many happy returns of the day (+one) to 
[personal profile] scripsi , a kind and talented woman who has costume-and-coutierer-fu. She shares many of my fandom loves and has a fine grasp of how to turn darkness into a bit of hopefulness in her very good fics, she cares about her world. her family, and those around her. I am very glad I've gotten to meet her, and I look forward to learning to know her more in the future. May your 2019 be fine, free of health problems for you and those you love. full of proximity to those loved ones, and full of unexpected joy. 

Second - another set of happy returns for 
[personal profile] harvey_rrit . Of all the people I've met on LJ/Dreamwidth, I suspect he and I are the farthest apart on political and possibly social stances. Yet he has continued to refrain from unfriending me. More importantly, he has continued to be an intelligent, funny, and observant person, who reminds me that the world isn't black and white, and doesn't necessarily have to be divided up into war camps. 
I sincerely hope your 2019 is a good one, and that I see you around again soon!

Dept. of Birthdays

Thursday, 7 February 2019 08:43 pm
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Many Happy Returns of the Day ...

... and only two days late, to 
[personal profile] beccadg , a lovely fan who shares my love of Dr. Who. and little known anime; someone who is obviously kind and thoughtful, who cares for her country and its future. May your 2019 be a very good year, and thank you for being here in fandom!
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One Day Late

Happy Birthday to [ profile] nucleosides, whose dedication to family and friends is admirable, whose ability to organize and stay focused I am impressed beyond measure with, and a Dr. Who and BBC fan who shares many of my fandom loves. May 2019 be a very good year for you and yours; may health problems stay at a minimum, may those you love have years full of joy, and may I continue to see you here for a very long time. 

Dept. of Birthdays

Saturday, 2 February 2019 03:00 pm
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Natal Felicitations

Way back on the 20th of January, 
[personal profile] canaan  celebrated (at least I hope it was a celebratory occasion) her birthday. She's an amazing writer; funny, incisive, wise, and often lyrical. It's been a pleasure to become acquainted with her on the internet over the past few years. She's also someone who has battled through some truly horrible health challenges, and I sincerely hope she has come out on the other side of them. May this delayed birthday wish find you in a far better place, and I hope we someday see more of you around here.

Far more recently, on Jan. 31, came 
[personal profile] flowsoffire 's birthday. She is not only a wonderful writer, at home in more than one language (and that alone awes me), she's a fan who turns her talents to excellent fic. And beyond that, she is kind, thoughtful, and a delight to know. I hope your birthday was just fantastic, and that you are, perhaps, still celebrating in whatever way you like best. I'm glad to know you!

Dept. of Birthdays

Wednesday, 16 January 2019 07:02 pm
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Birthdays. Birthdays and Cats

Monday was 
[personal profile] ljgeoff 's birthday, and I can't begin to tell you how much she deserves all the birthday wishes. And, frankly, All The Things. 

She's got more energy in her little finger than I've ever had in my entire body. She also has a heart that puts the "His Heart Grew Three Sizes That Day" Grinch to shame. Put simply, she cares; for people, for animals. for strays, for anyone or anything that needs love.  Her intelligence just adds to the package.

Then, when you further add to that her amazing writing talent, bringing excellent fanfic into the world, as well as original fiction of haunting power, you've got a creative dynamo with a cheerful mien, and a fearless ability to leap into abysses of all kinds, either crossing them in one bound, or rebounding from the bottom to climb determinedly to the top. 

Many delayed Happy Birthday wishes, Lisa - and here's a picture of Vincent. (Under the cut because of size.)
Vincent Routliffe, the Big Grey Cat )He's settled in quite nicely, and Opie is adjusting a little faster than we'd feared he would. We still have to tackle a couple of issues, including some remaining mats, but the vet says his knackering proceeded nicely. He's really lovely, and I'm glad he's with us. (Also, it's weird, but he has absolutely no guard hairs, only the soft under coat, which accounts for the matting propensity. It's the exact opposite of our gingers, who had and have so much top/guard hair that it was and is hard to get to the under coat.)

Dept. of Joy

Wednesday, 12 December 2018 05:04 pm
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Thirty-Seven Years

Thirty-Seven years ago today, just about now, Bob and I were saying "I do" to each other, in a friend's livingroom.

My mother and brother traveled from Canada to be there. My mother brought me the wedding gown in which she'd married my father. It fit, and I wore it.

Friends came to the wedding; friends made the wedding possible, with livingroom, a sheet cake bought by a friend, a small buffet made by the same wonderful woman who'd lent us her home, and hammer dulcimer music by one of Bob's fellow musicians. A friend married us, and we didn't mention to Mum that he'd been ordained in the back of his cab as a tip. 

Later that evening, carolers knocked on the door, and we invited them in to sing. Bob rubbed the pot roast all over his chest. And we were married. 

It was the best choice I ever made. Better, worse, sick, healthy, always together, and better together. 

I love you, Bob. Thank you for being my husband.

And here: have a ridiculously over-sized picture of us in our long-ago dissolute youth, the same year we traveled to Winnipeg. 
[personal profile] maruad , do you recall the year? 
Underneath because, really, way too large. )

Dept. of Birthdays

Saturday, 24 November 2018 03:46 pm
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Happy Happy Birthday Birthday!!

To [ profile] mack_the_spoon and 
[personal profile] namarie24  two of the finest young women, and nicest fans, that it's been my pleasure to meet both online and in person. It was a lucky day for me when we first said hello over at Television Without Pity's Doctor Who meet market (far better named LINDA.)

They're creative (I know, because I've had the enjoyment of reading some of their fic), fun, lovers of kitties and Dr. Who, dedicated to their lives' work and just in general a joy to know. I hope one day to host you again chez Casa Kaffyr, and perhaps to cook you a meal or at least order a Chicago pizza for you. 

Happy Birthday to both of you!

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This year. Oh, this year. What a hell of a year - and we're still more than a month away from escaping it. 

In years like this, it's hard to find a reason to be thankful (and herein entereth the earworm Reasons to be Cheerful, Part  3. You're welcome.)

But I have you; all of you who I interact with regularly or  intermittently, here in our ephemeral but strangely strong online community. Even those with whom I interact rarely now, because they have moved on to other communities, have enriched my life immeasurably. 

You have seen me through hard times. You've hugged me, you've offered help or advice when I asked for it, and refrained from doing so when I didn't ask for it. You've cheered me on when I needed reassurance, you've laughed at my jokes and read my meanderings. 

More importantly, I think, you've offered me the chance to do those things for you. Thank you for that, because friendship can never be one-way. 

Whether your Thanksgiving is a month in the past (hi, fellow Canucks!), down here in the U.S., or in parts of the globe where Thanksgiving is not officially celebrated - may your days, and all the days to come in this year (and in the next as well), be filled with friendship. That's the true meaning of Thanksgiving to me. 
Thank you. 

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People Insist On Being Born

Which is, from my point of view, a most excellent choice on their parts. It allows me to know them, and that is quite a gift to me. (I know that birthday people are the ones who should get gifts, but it seems to run in the opposite direction for me.)

Greatly delayed, as always: 

Almost a month ago, on Oct. 22, 
[personal profile] elisi  celebrated. I know she must have had a good day, because she is surrounded by an excellent family, and I know they treasure her. I met her online, through fandom; through her deep dives into the Doctor, and the Doctor's world. Her thoughts, both meticulous and lyrical, are incredibly rewarding meditations on a universe for which we both hold much love. But she's also someone who is kind, and principled, someone whose sense of humor is comfortably aligned with my own. I respect her immensely, and I'm very glad that she and I can interact. Many happy belated returns of the day!

On Nov. 8, one of the most talented writers it's my pleasure to know, [ profile] cathica, celebrated a birthday. I hope it was an excellent birthday, bear-free, with lots of warmth, and peace, and time to write. We come from the same section of the world, which is what makes it that much more frustrating when I can't manage my time well enough to figure out how to meet her in 3D life. She is both brave enough and talented enough to write horror, and to do it well. I've read her stuff and it's eerie. She is also a gifted fanfic writer, as some in my circle undoubtedly know. All the best to you, starting with your birthday and going for the entire year!

And on Nov. 11, I hope that 
[personal profile] kerravonsen  enjoyed her birthday. She is creative in so very many ways - writing, creating jewelry and art, experimenting in ice cream - and I am constantly amazed at what her hands and mind have wrought. She is a dedicated union maid, something we have in common. She is a person of faith, and although I do not share her faith, nor all of the precepts in that faith, I believe that the world is undoubtedly better because she is in it. May your birthday have been a wonderful one, and may it be the start of a fantastic year!
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Belated Returns of the Day to the Long Absent ...

... to [ profile] redscharlach, whose birthday was on Oct. 23, and whose fannish art enlivens many a fan's icons. She's long been absent from this part of the forest (I think she's more often on tumblr. I hope she had a great birthday.

... to 
[personal profile] lolmac , who hasn't posted any of her exceedingly funny Richard Dean Anderson lolmemes for about two years, and whose occasional comment is just as missed as those memes. I hope her birthday, on Oct. 24, was a good one. 

... to 
[personal profile] cosmiccoz , who also had an Oct. 24 birthday. She's long since moved to Twitter - and I need to wish her some delayed wishes over there - but I'm sure others around here know her and think of her with friendly thoughts. May her birthday, and her year to come, be so very much better than anyone could ever predict. 

... to [ profile] viomisehunt, whose birthday was on Oct. 31. It's been far too long, and I hope her heart has been soothed and eased away from heartache in the last few years. It would be good to hear from her.

... to [ profile] don_fitch, who I hope had another birthday on Nov. 2. When one loses touch with someone who is much older, that worry is always part of the wish. An old-time fan whose gentle mien hid pointed commentary and dry wit. The best to you, wherever you are.

... to [ profile] erikvolson, he of the red hat. love of fine beer. and fannish enthuiasm. He's right here in my city (at least I think he is), and yet I haven't invited him over chez kathbob in ages. I hope his Nov. 5 birthday was a fine celebration.

This makes me sad, but not about them. I still want them to have had happy birthdays. 

Dept. of Contentment

Saturday, 27 October 2018 06:05 pm
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Saturday, With Spanokopita

I'm sitting here, with a glass of good Japanese whiskey, listening to Nat King Cole, while our friend Josh Allard makes spanokopita for us. All we had to do, he said, was keep chatting with him. He brought all the ingredients, the lovely lad, and so we've kept chatting, and watching him make spanokopita. In a bit, after we've put that in the oven, I may have a Big Ass Martini (tm), or a drink I learned about last weekend, the Turf, which is made with gin, sweet vermouth, orange bitters, and angostura bitters. We'll talk into the night, and every muscle in my body, every molecule, will relax. I hope your Saturday proceeds, or at least ends, with something as satisfactory. 
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How Could I Have Missed ...

... the Oct. 15 birthday of 
[personal profile] brithistorian ? Many happy returns of the delayed day to someone whose omnivorous curiosity and enjoyment of everything from science fiction, Korean food and K-pop, to Doctor Who and life in general is so wonderful to watch. May you have a fantastic year!
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Many Happy Returns of The Day ...

... to 
[personal profile] a_phoenixdragon , whose vibrant, fearless, creative, kind, and unstoppable nature have added immeasurably to my world. My dear, you will always have a special corner in my heart; may this year gift you with delight, material gains that god knows you deserve, and with so much more. One day, we'll meet again, and you can cook me your homemade spaghetti sauce, and we'll sit down and talk until the wee smalls about Who, politics, family, and anything else that we want to. Happy, happy birthday!

... to 
[personal profile] editrx , whose strength and pure gutsiness is matched by her creativity and talent with the written word. If I could box up good fortune I would fill several boxes with it, and mail it, overnight delivery, to this wonderful person. Thank you for making my writing better; thank you for being who you are - here's to you, and to a year that I ask the universe to make good for you!

Dept. of Andy

Sunday, 21 October 2018 12:20 pm
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To Andy, With Love
Andy  )

Read more... )
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Happy Belated Birthday, [personal profile] carbonel !

Many happy returns of the day (Oct. 11), and of this past weekend as well - and of the entire coming year - to someone whose interests are omnivorous (traditional fandom, fic writer and afficionado, spinner, someone who, as a copy editor, appreciates the value of well-written words. Oh, and a Cubs fan, too. I met her more years ago than my son has been alive and, although it's been a long time since I participated in RL fannish activities up in Mipple City, I hope some day to once again see her in person. 

Dept. of Birthdays

Sunday, 7 October 2018 11:43 am
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A Few Belated Birthday Wishes

Yesterday, the lovely [ profile] heatherbelles celebrated a birthday, and I hope she had a great day. She not only loves history, she takes care of it in her superhero identity as a social history curator - and how awesome is that? She is smart, cheerful, a lover of family and of Doctor Who, the shared fandom of which helped introduce me to her many years ago. Should I ever have the chance to visit the UK, she will be one of the first people I look up. Happy Birthday!

[personal profile] supergee 's birthday was also yesterday. Of all the many people I've met online, he is one of the most perceptive, witty, well-read and memorable. He is an old-school science fiction fan, with an omnivorous and seemingly indestructible curiosity about the world around him. Would that more people were like him, and shared his appreciation of both heart and intellect. Happy Birthday - may the coming year be a good one for you, and for those you love. 


Augh! The estimable 
[personal profile] strannik01  also had a birthday that I managed to blank on, back on Sept. 28. Like me, he is a newspaper reporter. He reports in the city, and has a great understanding of the neighborhoods that are his regular beat. He's a fine storyteller; I am always happy to read the tales he writes about his family and his life. I've been lucky enough to have a coffee or two with him, and hope to have more, soon. I hope your day was excellent, and that 2018-2019 is very good to you!

Dept. of Birthdays

Saturday, 15 September 2018 11:43 pm
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Happy Birthdays

Many happy returns of the day to the much-traveled, hugely talented, very patient 
[personal profile] azriona , whose lively non-fiction writing takes me across the world, and whose fic writing is a source of joy. I hope to see more of your wonderful posts, and learn more about your remarkable life!

Another birthday wish goes out to the Daughter of My Heart, who once was around LJ as [ profile] art_tastic, but is here no more. She is wonderful, and most recently introduced me to the joys of the mani-pedi. When I first met her, she was 15, and she is now in her 30s. She has gone through many changes in the years since, some heart-breaking, and she has emerged a strong and wonderful woman. Happy birthday to her!

Dept. of Birthdays

Monday, 25 June 2018 07:59 pm
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Birthdays To Be Celebrated

Several exceptional people celebrated birthdays this month. In addition to my usual laggardly habits, the approaching wedding put most of them completely out of mind. Now that the wedding is over (and I promise that I'll talk about that in another post) I have time to appreciate their anniversaries. 

Happy Birthday (on June 8) to 
[personal profile] acciochocolate , she of wonderfully diverse musical tastes, a love of aromas (yay! I love aromas, too, so this is an excellent love, as far as I'm concerned), and of poetry (another shared interest), and finder of unique and interesting things on the internet. She and I share several fandom interests as well (Doctor Who, the Granada Holmes, and others,) which is fun, but she's just generally a lovely person. I hope that your birthday heralded the beginning of an excellent year.

[personal profile] livii  celebrated her birthday back on June 9. She doesn't hang around LJ much these days, but I always enjoy her when she is around. She has written elegant and mature fanfic, and her clear eyed fic reviews always impressed me. She's a devoted mother, an observer of politics and the world in general - and she, like me, hails from The True North Strong and Free. All the best to you!

On June 11 
[personal profile] time_converges  celebrated a birthday. Like me, she's a fan of Doctor Who (and the formidably wonderful Donna Noble), Battlestar Galactica, and Leverage; she also is an alumna of Television Without Pity, of blessed memory. I hope she still drops in from time to time, because I want to wish her the happiest of belated birthdays. May 2018 be a fine and rewarding year for you.

The delightful 
[personal profile] eaweek  celebrated her birthday on June 16. It may seem odd, to say of someone one knows only in 2D, that one is fond of them, but that is the case with her. We share fandoms, many musical and reading tastes, and the occasional political view. Sometimes, when I think I'm babbling or shouting into the ether, she will come along to hold conversations with me - I treasure that. I hope your birthday was a good one, and that it launches a year of interesting work, easy family times, and fun. 

Today - June 25 - has been 
[personal profile] autographedcat 's birthday, he of fine and thoughtful movie and book reviews, a remarkable talent for filk music and a shared love of Doctor Who and political discourse. I hope people have given you a fine birthday, with as many or as few presents and celebrations as you'd like. And may every day from now on be rewarding, and filled with friends and creativity!

Another birthday that I didn't manage to miss is that of the phenomenally talented 
[personal profile] joking , who is, sadly, rarely around these days. I share a delight in Doctor Who, Leverage (and the OT3s she likes in those fandoms), in fic writing, and it would delight me to know that she had a great birthday today, and that she is doing well in general. Happy Birthday!

Dept. of Birthdays

Sunday, 3 June 2018 04:36 pm
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Once More Into the Birthday Breach 

May seems to have gotten away from me; there are a couple of very lovely people whose birthdays occurred last month, and one whose birthday took place at the beginning of June. 

[personal profile] sallymn  celebrated on May 24. She loves classical music; you can tell because of her encyclopedic knowledge, and I love listening to the pieces she often shares. She's a fic writer, and she makes wonderful icons, several of which I more than occasionally deploy. I know she's dealing with some less than happy times at work, so I wish her the best possible outcome in that situation, and an excellent 2018-2019. 

[personal profile] lydy  also celebrated on May 24. She is frighteningly intelligent, able to mount trenchant arguments on almost any issue, and does not suffer fools gladly. I hope that her birthday kicks off a year of excellence for her. And perhaps sometime soon, we'll get another chance to chat in real life. 

Belated birthday wishes (June 2) to 
[personal profile] cassie_faith . Here's hoping that you get the job you want,  and can enjoy the coming year with friends and confidence!

Dept. of Surfacing

Tuesday, 22 May 2018 04:31 pm
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Happy, Happy, Birthday Wishes

Here I am again; I disappear for days at a time, largely because I can't think of intelligent or interesting things to say. I haven't wished people Happy Birthday for the past month or so, and there are so many people who I wanted to congratulate for having another natal day to celebrate.

[personal profile] sunnytyler001  - I hope your day, on May 3, was one of peace. The past year has been very hard for you, I know. May it become better.

Happy very delayed birthday (May 5) to 
[personal profile] jjpor , one of the best Who fic writers it's ever been my delight to read - careful, adept with rich plot and character development, blessed with a sense of how to interweave drama and world-building. He's also a lovely person, and I'm glad that I know him to the extent I do.

On May 9, 
[personal profile] calapine  celebrated. I always enjoyed reading what she writes, when she's around. I hope the coming year is good to her. 

And to the lovely, the talented, the one and only 
[personal profile] thisbluespirit , my belated well wishes. You've introduced me to so many corners of fandom that I wouldn't have been able to enjoy without you, and I'm so glad you did. I hope your May 14 birthday was lovely!

Dept. of Goodbye

Monday, 9 April 2018 08:13 pm
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Jerry Minkkinen

One of my oldest and dearest union colleagues, Jerry Minkkinen, died Friday. I am still trying to come to grips with the news. 

He was the first Newspaper Guild official I met when I was hired by Pioneer Press in 1983. He didn't introduce me to unionism; I'd been a union officer at my previous newspaper job, and I already believed in the union movement. But he taught me so much about how to make day to day unions work for their members - for us - that it's a debt I could never repay.

Jerry combined a street fighter's instincts, with the seductive charm of a troubadour - he could hold a room in thrall, something I experienced many times - and the formula worked for us far more often than not, whether it was sitting at the table with successive waves of increasingly nasty managements, fighting grievances on behalf of individuals or the union as a whole, or giving us tips on how to fight for ourselves. He did this not just for my section of the union but for every Guild covered unit in the Chicago area. That's a lot of work for one person.

More than that, though, he was a good man, who gave his all to the union. He sacrificed health and family through much of his career, in order to help us. I am glad to know that in the last few years, he had much joy of his family.

He laughed often, was kind, was both fierce and gentle, and I am honored that we were colleagues and friends. There is so much more that I could tell you about him, but it all jumbles up in a tremendous Jerry-sized pile of stories. None of them will make up for the Jerry-sized hole his passing has left. 

I could only find one picture of him, but it's a fitting one; he was holding a union stewards' workshop. And here is a much, much better remembrance of him.  
Jerry Minkkinen )

Dept. of Birthdays

Saturday, 31 March 2018 11:34 am
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Sending Birthday Wishes Out

It's been a while since I wishes people happy birthdays, and I wish to remedy that right now. 

Happy birthday, lyricwrites[profile] lyricwrites! You celebrated on March 12 - at least I hope you did, and I hope your five-year-olds gave you hugs and kisses aplenty. You're one of the best fic writers it's been my pleasure to read, and a very sweet person to boot. (Also, folks, she writes original fic as well; if you visit here, you'll find one of her works. I'm in the process of reading it now. It isn't often that I can happily pimp someone's work in the same post in which I wish them Happy Birthday, but it makes me particularly glad to do so in her case.)

On March 27, 
[personal profile] sensiblecat  celebrated a birthday. She hasn't t been around much in the last four years, but when she was, she wrote lovely thoughtful meta about Doctor Who, talked about her family, and shared some amusing and creative thoughts. Wherever you are, I hope you're doing well, and that you celebrated in the best way possible. It would be good to see you again!

Finally, [personal profile] merryghoul  is celebrating a birthday today - many happy returns of the day to you! She is a tireless volunteer at whodaily, and a dedicated fic writer who does easily what I find extremely difficult to do; write in multiple fandoms. Plus, she likes River Song, and anyone who likes River is tops in my books. Best wishes to you!


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