Dept. of Saturday

Saturday, 20 April 2019 11:28 am
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Sunshine, Good Intentions, and Apples

One of my good intentions was to sit down and read the Mueller report. Yes, all 400-plus pages of it. Other folks have done so, and if I can read zoning reports, I can read this. 

Unfortunately, my back started acting up again (or my leg. Or both, consecutively and concurrently). so I spent much of the afternoon lying in bed with a heating pad. I also did some exercises that are supposed to help strength muscles around my sacroiliac joints, so I feel as if I've done the right things by my back. 

I did manage to make one of the larger amounts of applesauce that I've made in my life. It also has plums in it, since I needed to use some up before they went bad. It needed thickening after it was done, but I was able to thicken it up with Bird's Custard (WHAT??!?) and it wound up tasting very nice. Cinnamon., nutmeg, mace ... all the classic additions. 

Almost the best part of making the applesauce was getting to use the apple peeler-slicer-corer that BB and I picked up at a second hand store years ago. I'd never used it before, but the large amount of large apples I had to peel (these days I need to eschew fruit skins, much to my sorrow) convinced me to find the thing and use it. 

And it worked like a charm, a little - or a lot - to my surprise.

And tomorrow? In the morning, the Mueller report, at noon, an Easter brunch with my friends, and in the evening, Episode 2 of Game of Thrones. In which, I know, I just know, at least one of my favorite characters is going to bite it. Argh. 

Dept. of Tuesday

Tuesday, 19 March 2019 11:47 am
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Undefinable Ailments Are Us

Late Sunday night I started feeling less than physically optimal. On Monday I slept in too long, and then got hit by a massive wave of nausea in the afternoon. I thought it stemmed from my daily codeine, which has been happening more lately, but it soon proved to be something else. I retired to my bed for much of the balance of the day, although I tottered up to have some supper. The upside of yesterday's inactivity was that I found some material that will help me answer one of the questions you folks put to me. That should be coming later today, I hope. In the meantime, I've got a crock put to get going, and I need to see if I can get in to get my nails done/first world ladies who lunch problems.

Dept. of Irritation

Wednesday, 6 March 2019 11:35 am
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The lady who wants to meet Vincent emailed me to say she can't come today, but can do so tomorrow. That's fine, but ... yeah, would have preferred it today. Especially since Vincent last night discovered our bedroom door's cat door, which allowed him to come in at night and frighten the hell out of Opie by trying to jump on the bed. Prior to last night, he hadn't grasped the concept of the cat door. And when I put the cover on it, he figured out how to get it off. He's clever, I'll give him that. 

Ah, well; tomorrow it is, and that gives me the chance to clean up around here. 

Dept. of Resurfacing

Tuesday, 5 March 2019 07:10 pm
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Hello Again.

So what have I done lately?

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And here - have two pictures of Vincent:
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Dept. of Delight

Thursday, 28 February 2019 08:37 pm
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Our First-Born Is Visiting

Or, to be more specific, he's on the plane from Seattle, winging his way to Chicago for a six-day visit. I was about to say "I can't tell you how excited I am," when I realized that I was doing just that. Damn, I wish I could provide a better phraseology. 

Anyhow, yes, Andy's on his way, and I'm going to cherish every moment with him. 

What a spiritual palate cleanser after watching Cohen's testimony yesterday (or, again, more specifically. the GOP's hysterical attempts to divert attention from Cohen's truths) all day yesterday.
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Quiche In the Oven

The crust is awful and patchwork, because I can't roll out a crust to save my soul, especially when it's recently thawed pie dough, but the quiche itself is going to be pretty decent, I think. And I managed to clean up the kitchen (more or less; I'm going to get BB to clean the frying pan in which I tried the bacon), and I'll be setting the table soon. This is all good. especially since I spent a lot of the day driving to get groceries, or laying low because of a headache that seems to want to become something more. 

Poor BB is fighting some ailment of his own, and I very much hope to at least cosset him with dinner. And then, I'll settle down with a new drink I learned how to make yesterday; gin in a martini glass that's been coated with four dashes of bitters. Last night I made it with orange bitters, although it's supposed to be made with angostura. Tonight, I'm going to try two mini-drinks, one with the proper recipe and one with the orange bitters, to see which I think is better. 

I had one of my acrylic nails peel off today. It's the first time that has ever happened, and my finger looks naked without a nail. I'm calling the nail salon tomorrow (they're open on Sundays) to see if I can get in. 

Also in the "First World Pampering" category, we've made an appointment with a new groomer for Vincent. He doesn't know it yet. but he's going to get a bath, de-matted properly, and be gifted with at least a modified lion cut to prevent more matting. I'm sure he'll be very excited. 

Yesterday, there was a mass shooting in Aurora, IL, not far from Chicago. A man who'd just been fired from his job, and who had a history of violence, domestic and otherwise, who'd had his FOID card revoked, but who still had a gun, left the building and came back and killed five people. He's dead. too. Six sets of parents and kids, six mothers, sisters, wives. all with gaping. bleeding holes in their souls. Because someone had easy access to guns. Another day in America. 

Fuck the NRA and fuck the culture it has nurtured.
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Waiting For the Plumber or Someone Like Him. Oh, and Advanced Policy-Wonking

I'm actually waiting for an actual plumber, who's set to come between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. to evaluated our leaking garbage disposal unit and determine whether it can be reset in place to eliminate the leak, which would be the case if it had somehow been jarred loose enough to create an opening at the top for water, or whether there's an actual un-repairable physical crack or hole near the top. The guy said he'd bring a new disposal unit "just in case," so BB and I are set to question him sharply in an effort not to be talked into a new unit that we don't need. Wish us luck. 

I have actually tackled something that I've been avoiding for some three weeks; writing up a draft report on recommendations for possible changes to the Chicago News Guild bylaws. We got a start on that, as I said, three weeks ago, when I and another Guild member appointed to the task got together an did a rather rudimentary review of our existing bylaws.

The true wonkishneth begins hereunder )

Dept. of w00t!!1!

Friday, 1 February 2019 04:52 pm
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I'm dead tired, about to watch some anime with my Best Beloved, and enjoy a whisky, so I'll keep it short. 

We have a thawed pipe! We have hot water! Things are ever so much better than they were this time last night!

For $675, they'd better be, mutters the dour, money-watching part of me. But I'm just paying attention to the happy hot-water me right now. 


Dept. of JFC

Wednesday, 30 January 2019 06:34 pm
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Frozen Pipe Fun

Woke up this morning and went into the kitchen to put some coffee on, and discovered that the hot water pipe leading to the kitchen sink faucet wasn't working and was either simply frozen, or frozen and burst. This took place despite me having turned the faucet on to dribble the night before, in hopes of avoiding just such a scenario. 

We couldn't identify the frozen pipe; it wasn't any of the ones easily accessible under the sink, which means it's probably in the wall, which is hard by the outdoors (and that's probably why it froze.) We've had an electric heater on almost non-stop under the sink, to no avail, and we can't use a hair dryer because we can't access the affected pipe. The other faucets in the house aren't affected, so it has to be fairly localized, but still ... no luck in finding it.

We're hoping that the heater, which is now pointed directly at the back wall, keeps the pipe from bursting, even if it doesn't thaw the ice inside. But it looks increasingly likely that we'll have to call a plumber. Since tomorrow is going to be almost as cold as today, when our area got no warmer than -11F, I'm guessing that plumbers really can't do their best work tomorrow. Plus, since there are probably people all over the city with similar situations, once plumbers do come out, there will be a hell of a long wait time. My guess is that we won't be able to get a plumber out until at least late Friday. 

And by that time, the pipe may well burst, if it hasn't already. Bob did some checking, and the estimates for fixing something like that hover around $15,000, he said. 

Which we don't actually have easily at hand.

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Updates Are Us

I can't believe how long it's been since I actually posted something, or responded to other folks. Here's my "n things makes a list" post. 

1. Vincent is settling in, and Opie, while continuing to growl, seems to be getting used to him. I was saddened when I saw Vincent awaken to the fact that "this other little ginger guy actually doesn't like me! Why?" but I'm hoping that they'll eventually get comfortable with each other. We got a new cat litter pan, or more accurately, a "litter loo" that is essentially a mini-shed for holding the real litter pan. It's taller than our old Booda-box, which allows Vincent to get in, turn around, etc., without getting his fur into the litter or his own leavings (and that is still a big problem; I can hardly wait for his Feb. 2 grooming date, during which he'll have the fur around his butt trimmed. Cleaning a very big cat's behind is an exercise for two people, and it's tough to do well even with two.) The litter loo has the added benefit of being a small table, providing another horizontal surface in a kitchen that needs them. 

2. Last Saturday, I attended a Pioneer Press reunion-cum-goodbye-for-the-buyouts-and-earlier-laid-offs party. It was one of the most surprisingly positive, and positively intense, gatherings I've recently been to. Somewhere between 30 and 50 people attended, nearly all of them Pioneer alumni of various types. I saw people I hadn't seen in decades; I saw three of my old editors, including one who I'd served under in the late 1980s; she told me that seeing me and my colleagues was the only reason she'd braved the weather that night (it was pretty bad.) I didn't even mind seeing my last editor; he might have been what tipped me over into taking the buyout, but I realized that I could interact with him pretty darned pleasantly when we weren't forced to interact on a professional basis. There were loads of hugs, freely and enthusiastically given and received. One of my buyout colleagues said, .as we headed home, that it was very much like a high school reunion; you realize that even the people you hated or feared as a high school student have turned into people you are happy to see. 

3. A couple of nights ago, I was feeling kind of down - can't even remember why - and my beloved husband put on the first episode of "The War Games," the final adventure for the Second Doctor. We binged the entire adventure over two nights, and it was rollicking good fun. The pacing was remarkably decent, and I was surprised at how much action there was, since I think the received wisdom is that it was the Third Doctor who was action-oriented, and not the Second. The acting varied from "a bit better than decent" to "OMG this is horrible, and it's viewable only as scenery-chewing OTT fun!" The fellow playing the War Chief was marginally better than the guy playing the security chief, and the War Lord was actually pretty good. It was my first encounter with Jamie and Zoe; both actors did well, especially Frazier Hines. Of course, it doesn't do to inspect the plot too closely, lest one break out into snickers and, eventually, guffaws. But I'm so glad I saw it. 

4. We in Chicago are bracing for the coldest week thus far this 2018-2019 winter season. By Wednesday, the high temp. for the day will be -10F, and the wind will put daytime wind-chills close to -25. The night time temps and windchills for Tuesday and Wednesday are even more dire. I therefore went out today and got all the necessary things we'll need; Japanese fish cake, bean sprouts, seitan, fried tofu, Japanese and Korean baked goods, mochi, curry and mapo tofu mix ... WHAT??!?

5. Also? Roger Stone was arrested and indicted. The world got a little brighter ....

Dept. of Return

Tuesday, 15 January 2019 01:36 pm
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A Homecoming, of Sorts

It has been two weeks since I last posted, and once again, I'm trying to redress my absence.
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George and Mary

It's the night before Christmas. 

Stars and Loving Couples )

Dept. of Contentment

Saturday, 27 October 2018 06:05 pm
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Saturday, With Spanokopita

I'm sitting here, with a glass of good Japanese whiskey, listening to Nat King Cole, while our friend Josh Allard makes spanokopita for us. All we had to do, he said, was keep chatting with him. He brought all the ingredients, the lovely lad, and so we've kept chatting, and watching him make spanokopita. In a bit, after we've put that in the oven, I may have a Big Ass Martini (tm), or a drink I learned about last weekend, the Turf, which is made with gin, sweet vermouth, orange bitters, and angostura bitters. We'll talk into the night, and every muscle in my body, every molecule, will relax. I hope your Saturday proceeds, or at least ends, with something as satisfactory. 

Dept. of Calm

Saturday, 20 October 2018 04:59 pm
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It's Saturday

I've had a mani-pedi; I've gone out for lunch/dinner with Bob to our favorite greasy spoon diner; we've listened to old time radio, from swing music to Jack Benny shows; I've put the gin and sake in the freezer and fridge respectively; our cats are curled up and sleeping. 

Yes, both of us are slightly under the weather; yes, my work situation still comes with daily douche meter readings; yes, union negotiations are less than optimal. 

That doesn't matter right now.

I hope your Saturday has gone well. 
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I Hope I Can Handle Monday

I'd like to think that this weekend has provided the spiritual nutrients necessary to fortify me for the coming week. After all, I've been relatively productive, which is one of the metrics by which I measure my worth (thank you, Nana!)  I got my nails redone yesterday, and made a decent beef and vegetable stir-fry yesterday. Today, I got out the big slow-cooker and made a beef stew, complete with parsnips, apples, celery, onion, potatoes, wine, beef broth, diced tomatoes ... we'll see if the various flavors blend or fight with each other. (ETA: they blended quite nicely.) 

In the past few days, I managed to write and post a drabble, I've managed to converse with people online, and I've read some lengthy essays on things non-Kavanaugh related (and some that were). all of which I think provides excellent mental exercise for me. 

Question for some of you: am I a minority in thinking that this essay not only smacks of "hey, you kids, get off my lawn," and of an obdurate refusal  to acknowledge language's evolution, but that it's poorly written? As far as I can tell, it doesn't even properly make or advance its supposed core argument and theme: "We are allowing a perversion of meaning to creep into our language, where words are used for control, rather than persuasion."

Just me?

I remembered today that I hadn't posted any pictures of our Seattle trip, which I'd said I would do. Here's one that Andy took of Bob and I at the Chihuly gallery and museum. 

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Dept. of the Weekend

Saturday, 25 August 2018 05:43 pm
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Getting Things Done

In less than a week, Andy and Emily will take off for their eight-day trip, u-haul trailer and all, to Seattle. They're in the last crazy days of packing, always in need of more boxes, and terribly behind. Which is absolutely normal for moving, but I feel for them. If I have any evening time this week, I'll go over and offer what help I may. 

I've determined that I have another week of vacation available to take this year, and I'm going to ask to be cleared to take it the third week of September. That will allow Bob and me (wow - that's grammatical, but sounds weird) to fly out to Seattle, with their cats, Tommy and Lily. We'll be babysitting the cats while they drive out and get settled into their new place. Thank god, they found a place they could afford, 20 minutes outside the city. Emily has found a couple of part-time nanny gigs that she can handle on top of her classes, and Andy, who hasn't yet found a job in his field, says he'll Uber until he can. With GPS, one doesn't have to be familiar with where one's driving, I suppose. 

Argh. I'm worried. 

Today, we got rid of some medical records and such that go back mostly to 2014, but a few that go back to 2010. None of them are necessary at this point. It allows us to clear out a section of the office which we've sort of planned to make the visiting kitties' space - we have a cat tree, so the old cat tree, which Bob was able to cut down by one level* has been moved in there for the micro-cats (they're full grown and still only half the size of Phil and Opie.) That's where their litter box will be as well, oh joy. Still, it's only for two weeks.

I got my hair cut, and I'm about to take a shower to get ready for karaoke shenanigans. Why karaoke, you ask? 

Because tonight, we're invited to a goodbye party thrown by some of their close friends. It's at a favorite bar of theirs, where, I am reliably told by my first born, There Will Be Blood Karaoke. The party doesn't start until 9 o'clock, which strikes me as altogether too late to get started on partying of any kind. That undoubtedly marks me as a feeble oldster, to which I willingly cop. Ah, well; that we're invited is a mark of ... I don't know - respect? Andy definitely wanted us there. 

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Sartorial Achievement Unlocked, Father of the Groom Version

We headed off early this afternoon to get a suit for BB for the wedding. I think both of us were expecting it to be a long and painful process. We certainly expected to go to both men's wear places we'd identified. Instead, we walked into the nearest Jos A. Bank store, and he chose the second suit he tried. It still needs to be tailored to his measurements, but it should be done in two weeks, which will be in plenty of time for the wedding, on June 23. He also bought a nice tie that will actually act as a sartorial bridge between his suit and my outfit. 

The fact that we had the ability to buy a suit for him, and the ability to pay for my dress and jacket to be made (a bespoke outfit! I've never had one before!) still makes me feel vaguely guilty. But I'm trying to put that feeling on ice. It's not something I could have done many other times in my life, and it's for an event that I hope signals lifelong happiness for my son. 

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All Told, Pretty Acceptable

Because he's home, he's home!

So, yeah, as the title says ...

health stuff no one has to read )
Still, flu or not, I had things I had to do today. I tidied the kitchen, went out and Costco'd for dry cat food and a couple of other necessaries, plus some cranberry orange things that were half cookie and half cake, and very delightful with a hot cup of tea. Last night, before I collapsed, I folded the last of the clean laundry, and now I only have the dirty laundry to deal with. One has no idea how much having an in-unit washer and dryer means until one spends much of the day in bed; then tearing the sheets off and cleaning them is both a luxury and necessary for one's mental health. 

I've been keeping an eye on the political landscape, and hoping that the chickens Mueller is feeding become large enough to squash 45 when they come home to roost. Further deponent saith naught because it's fluffy bunny time. Which I declare any time the world starts getting too negatively overwhelming, and I'm talking about or considering that state too much. It's gotten said many times over the last few months. Fluffy bunnies, fluffy bunnies, fluffy bunnies. 

I'm into Chapter 30, and it's coming along. It's over 500 words! 

I'll stand here and let those of you who can easily push thousands of really good words into good stories within a day snicker. Look, I'm in awe of y'all. I can't write fast, not to save my life. Possibly to save someone else's life ... but I digress. 

I have other things to do: I have some meta to read, a friendly Texan to call on the morrow (you know who you are, and you don't know how much your call, as truncated as it had to be on deadline day, lifted my spirits), more writing to do, a little Canadian gloating about our Olympic medal count, along with mourning that our curling and hockey teams lost their various series. Canadians and complacency mix badly. Then I have people's posts to read, and intelligent comments to make on those posts. Yes, a busy day tomorrow.

*For various powers of "only," of course. 

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In Which Visitors Come to Casa [personal profile] kaffyr 

I certainly remember all of you folks, and it's good to get back in the swing of things. I had so many things I thought I'd post about over the last couple of weeks (The Tragic Affair of the Squeaking Mouse being one of them), but I never got around to doing so. Perhaps I can get started again this month, which promises to be a busy one for me. 

At least one lovely thing that happened at the end of November was a very brief visit from two young online friends who I've known in 2D world since about 2006 or 2007, sisters [ profile] mack_the_spoon and [ profile] namarie24, who were in town to celebrate their birthdays with a viewing of the Chicago version of "Hamilton." It was far too short a visit, and as it came during a) my working week deadline day and b) a week in which union pressures were building - and was a necessarily short stay for them before they headed out to other cities - I did not get a real chance to sit and talk to them. Since they saw me in one of my more fluttery, worry-wartish modes, I am glad that they didn't simply back away slowly and find a motel somewhere. 

I also didn't really wish them Happy Birthday in the way I would have liked to, but now I can say I hope that these two intelligent, kind, observant, fannish, hardworking young women of faith have a wonderful year to come. 

And here's a photo (under a cut because it's a big picture) I snapped just before they headed off. I believe its Nam on the left and Mack on the left (but I'm sure they'll be here shortly to tell me that I got it wrong. Again. Heh.
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Things I've Done Since I Last Posted

  • Gone to see Thor: Ragnarok last night with BB. Laughed and enjoyed myself quite a bit. Chris Hemsworth has a light comic touch (and so does Cate Blanchett as the villain, which was a pleasant surprise,) the writing was witty and light, the plot held together rather well for a superhero movie, and of course there was plenty of Hiddleston/Loki and a very funny Ruffalo/Hulk. Light, colorful, and very few "Blow up the universe! Loudly!" scenes. A perfect movie to take one's mind off of ... well, 2017 in general.  
  • Dealt with another sick cat. Luckily, this is just a bad cold (both BB and I have experienced the delight of having Opie sneeze - wetly, and multiple times in one explosion - in our faces.)  We're giving him a med prescribed by the vet to keep him hungry, since he's lost some weight, at least partly because no one wants to eat when they have a cold. Luckily, he does eat the pill if it's in a pill pocket and then covered with mushy wet food. That's really good, because the one time we pilled him by hand, it was horrendous. He's big, and strong, and very squirrelly. 
  • (Cancer kitty is doing quite well. Apart from becoming too fond of wet food. No more dry food for him, apparently. Heh.) 
  • Done a little more on the final chapter of H&M. Losing hope of finishing it this year, but still working on it.  
  • Watched the 2006 BBC Jane Eyre. Toby Stephens is far too pretty as Rochester (I actually liked George C. Scott as a good Rochester), but hey, Toby Stephens is pretty, so it was fun to watch. Ruth Wilson was excellent as Jane. It made me drag out my copy of Jane Eyre to read. God, Victorian literature is bloody wordy - but Charlotte Bronte manages to keep the story going.  
  • Now I have to go and clean the place, because I have union folk coming over to do union stuff, and I don't want them to think I'm a slatternly housekeeper. 

Dept. of Monday

Monday, 6 November 2017 07:46 am
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November Start

I haven't been very active online since my last Phil-oriented post. That's a combination of inertia and real life combining to make posting incredibly difficult to assay. I'll try to be more present this month, if not altogether voluble. 

Just a few things to say (although I'm going to try to start collecting thoughts as they occur, for later posting.) And I'm going to try to comment on other peoples' posts as well. I can't continue to say that much of my social life is online, if I don't actually participate in that social life. 

I honestly can't remember if I mentioned that I went to see "Bladerunner 2049" or not, but I did, and I urge anyone who can, to head out and view it now, before it disappears from theaters. Its ticket sales sputtered at the beginning of its run, so the powers that be may well take it out of the theaters early. I think it's pretty close to a masterpiece from all angles - acting, directing, pacing, plotting, thematic strength, everything. The one thing I can find to nitpick is the sound track, and then only the volume. 

I've been slowly watching "Stranger Things 2" and I'm just as engrossed with it as I was with its first season. 

Condo blatherings )
And now I need to get to work, much as that is something I'd gladly avoid if I had the money to do so. 
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This Is My Son, In Whom I Am Well Pleased

Do take a look. He's a handsome one, he is. )

My son turned 33 on Friday. I told him I loved him, and I told him not to get crucified, because that's the kind of disrespectful lapsed Christian-type joke that he appreciates (and hence the title.) We both snickered. We're both probably going to hell. 

He is wonderful. He is talented, creative, gentle, empathetic, kind, handsome. He sings, he writes radio plays. He writes songs for pantos. He is hard working, loving, and fannish. Oh, so very fannish. 

(And yes, he's enraged and frustrated me over the years. What child hasn't done that to his or her mother?)

He is, quite simply, Andy. I love him, and I am so very lucky he is my son. 
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You Are Reading a Post from the Ex-Condo Association President


There are some things that have to be done - getting my name off the bank account, and getting six years of records over to the new president - but that will all be done sometime in the next week or so. 

I am so very pleased!
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Well, This is Not What I Had Planned at All

I have now concluded to my unhappy satisfaction, that I am, for the foreseeable future, Off Cinnamon. 

Given the huge place cinnamon has played in our menus, this involves a sea change in the way I approach non-savory recipes. It also requires that I give away at least one of the huge containers of cinnamon that I have. 

The apple harvest cake will be divided, with one half for BB, and the other to be given to FB and Miss Em. Same for the cookies. Both have been pronounced excellent by BB, but both have provoked cinnamon reflux, for lack of a better term, in Your Humble And Culinarily Careless Servant. 

And it's my own fault, for misreading the recipe in the first place. (Or not washing off the apples and starting fresh, instead of trying to make do.)

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Saturday In The Kitchen

The kitchen is a sugary-cinnamony mess*. Particularly the cinnamon, since, while making my mother's Apple Harvest Cake - which calls for 1T of cinnamon on a bunch of cut-up apples - I misread the recipe and put 3 tablespoons in. 

The cake turned out OK, largely because I separated the apples from the cinnamon sugar mix, and BB assures me the result is really good. But now I have a lot of cinnamon-sugar mix (I added what seemed like a metric shit-ton of sugar to the mix in an effort to balance it out correctly) that I need to make cookies with. I believe it will involve rolled oats, orange extract and chocolate chips. Hush, it will be wonderful. 

Meanwhile, there was so much cinnamon in the air, and in some that I unwisely put in my coffee, along with sugar and milk, that I'm burping up uncooked cinnamon. It has an unpleasantly chemical aftertaste. That doesn't appear to have affected the cake; presumably the cooking process allowed it to become less chemical. But burping the stuff is not pleasant. My stomach agrees, so I had some cold, slightly salted rice, because I'm apparently incapable of leaving my stomach well enough alone. 

(I realize that in reading this, you may recoil from my cooking skills , adjudging them - possibly correctly - as non-existent. You may decide that you will, if presented with an invitation to dine Chez 
[personal profile] kaffyr , politely decline. And you may vow never again to read anything I post about cooking. I am taking that risk, because in this TMI age, you deserve to note my weird-ass culinary stumbles, as well as my equally weird-ass culinary triumphs.)

Once I've stopped burping cinnamon, I'll venture back into the kitchen to attempt the oatmeal cookie-things. Wish me luck.

*Update - I've cleaned the kitchen. It's much more civilized now. 


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